Sunday, June 25, 2017

The fountains are back ...

If you live in this area, then you know that the Main Fountain Garden at Longwood has reopened after nearly three years of restoration.  (If you don't, then Congratulations! You officially live under a way more isolating rock than me!)  I remember that mom and I walked through the MFG the last Friday it was open in October 2014, and I thought I had posted pictures here--I definitely had my camera that day--but apparently I didn't. I tried to sort through my archives here to find a contrast of Before and After, but didn't have time to do too much digging. (You can try here if you want--you'd have to go all the way back to 2011-2014.)

I know this is terrible ... but I had to put this in B&W to make it feel the way it used to look.  It looks really fresh and clean now--which is great!--but ... I kinda can't wait for it to get another layer of patina ...

It's pretty amazing. I remember looking at this for the first time when I was 13.  The fountains hadn't worked in years, there was a chain link fence to keep people off of it, and it was gorgeously worn and crumbly.  I remember thinking, "Is this what Pompeii looks like?" Three years later, I would get to answer that question myself ("Nope": Pompeii is way more grey and crumbly), but I always thought those turquoise tiles were such a waste without water on top of them.  Seeing this is absurdly satisfying for me.

Love her.




Pomegranate (ooo la la! hahahaha!)

Grapes--look how cool the vines are.


Not sure ... lilies?



When the plants fill in and start to cover more of the surface areas, it'll be greener with more texture. Very flat right now.

Love those tiles

Mom: Grab your--

... sunglasses.

I might have to take a picture of her here every year.

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