Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rose visits Aunt Leslie

I went downtown many times last year while I was pregnant, but I made most of those trips on my own while Leslie was out of town. Rose's first trip to the city has been highly anticipated--we had the best weather, and typical Rose had no problem hanging out with us at brunch, taking long walks, and waiting for me and Leslie to pick out glasses at Warby Parker (ha!).

(I picked these and Leslie picked these.)

Haven't been to Garces Trading Co. in well over a year--love it there.  I always do the prix fixe brunch because you get a mimosa and your own basket of pastries.  This time I had the vegetable minestra, the smoked salmon with blinis, and the garden tea cocktail in addition to the mimosa--all of it was perfect.

It was really quiet on the sidewalk.

In front of St. Mark's Church on Locust

If you blow in her face, she laughs ... (if people blow in my face, I have to resist hitting them).

Please, Jesus, let her like us this much 13 years from now ...

We got off our butts and did more walking.  Born Yesterday is near Leslie's apartment--I never cared about it before Rose. Now, I want everything in there.

Nobody knows how to build anything this pretty anymore.

All the way down to Washington Square--lots of people there.

Super-saturated colors on Rittenhouse.

I mean, come on.


Cat Lady, Esq. said...

the best :) :)

Stephanie McBride said...

Sooo stinkin cute!!!

Amy G said...

Rose is beautiful Heather and you all look so happy. I love her obvious love of Wubbanubs!!

Linda C said...

Love this adorable family - all five of you! Who took the photo of all of you? Also, yes yes yes to the baby store, Born Yesterday. Everything in there is beautiful.

Laurie said...

Rose is so sweet and smiley! <3