Thursday, May 11, 2017


This blog has turned into a chronicle of all my favorite outfits that Rose wears.


The ONLY onesie I allowed myself to buy while pregnant.

Jack (September), Nolan (November), Rose (10 days later), Aria (February)

Pearl has been indifferent since Day 1.

Love those knit pants--I NEED them in 12 mo. for this coming winter.

She falls asleep if her head is covered.

I spent the night at my mom's on the nights that I taught.  It was only a seven week course.

They bombed out the next day. Oh well.

Opening that dress from Marcie was one of my most favorite moments at my baby shower.


Cat Lady, Esq. said...

Can't believe how big she's gotten even since March

Jo Harper said...

I know [anguished emoji]