Thursday, May 11, 2017


More baby outfits.

I know.

Beyond boring.

It's my life.

What can I say.

The withering stare of disapproval is a genetic gift from me.

I remember looking at this outfit a few days after she was born and thinking, "She will NEVER be big enough for this."  The pants were still too big (not pictured) the day I took this.  She's like two months behind on sizing.

Rose goes to bed ... and Penny immediately climbs on my lap.

They visited me at work one day.  I miss my old schedule.

Another one: my grandmother gave me this when she was a few days old and I just remember feeling hopeless: She will never be big enough for that.

3mo. Hudson jeans from Laura--they finally fit when she was 5mo old.  Still a little big.

I had an event at school ...

One of my best students of all time is graduating.  She received a job offer the same day.  One of the nuns thought I was a student.  Still got it!


Cat Lady, Esq. said...

That selfie of you and Rosebud two up from the bottom is the best!

Jo Harper said...

Do you see her looking at the screen?