Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rose's room

I have a big binder of magazine cut-outs for decorating inspiration (Pinterest be damned).  I think this is from some random magazine in 2007?

Ron's grandmother's bedroom set--so heavy we had to hire movers to get it from his aunt's house to the baby's room.  You can see the crib there too (we bought this one).

I picked out a shade of white that was barely tinted pink and Ron painted it.

We added wainscoting and a chair rail.  Don't be fooled though: that's textured wallpaper that only looks like wood.  My best friend Jesse has it her daughter's room and she found it at Lowe's.

I knew I would have to have a chandelier on a dimmer. My plan was to buy one, but Ron's mom dug her mother's brass and crystal chandelier out of her attic.  It needed rewiring and some minor repairs, so I took it to Colonial Metal in West Chester--they did a beautiful job with it ... (this is the before picture!).

My mom made this for me back in the 80s, and it hung above my bed for many years. I found it over the summer and knew I wanted to use it, so I took it to Michael's and had it reframed.  This is the "before" ...

Ta-da! I agonized over the paint color. I knew I wanted a turquoise room whether this was a boy or girl.  Once I knew girl, I just had to pick the right shade.  This is VERY turquoise, but I really love it.  I don't think I would like it as much if I didn't have the white "wainscoting" to break it up a little.

November 6, a week before I delivered and one month before my actual due date.  Yeah, I know: I don't look "pregnant."  What you can't see in this photo?  1) My sky-rocketing blood pressure and dying placenta (I felt totally fine) and 2) Every single shower gift I had received in September is still wrapped up in boxes, nothing washed, dried, or put away.  I have no idea in this photo that I. Am. Screwed. Oh well. Everything turned out fine.  We had just gone to Sovana for my mom's birthday and saw Joe and Jill Biden while we were there.

All done!

Bunny lamp from the Velvet Shoestring in Wayne; mom, do you remember giving me that empty chocolate box seventeen years ago?; rosy ceramic dish from Shane and Olivia; still need to decide where I'm going to hang that Our Lady of Guadelupe milagro.

Rose's namesake, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, oversees the random WubbaNubs; Mandy gave me the rose frame, Laurie took the photo; rosy clock from Shane and Olivia; end table is from the old house--a hand-me-down from my mother in law; it used to hold plants in my bedroom, and everyone recognizes those toile chairs ... that pink crochet pillow is from Target! no joke.

Rocker is from Overstock and my grandmother found the footstool; I feel like Alice in Wonderland in that chair--you could fit three of me in it, it's ridiculous; this room is always chilly so I have the little space heater in here too.  Total lifesaver at 3am back in early December ...

Embroidered pillow from Lauren who could NOT have picked a more perfect fabric for this room.  She knows me too well.

View when you're sitting in the rocker (I think this scene is emblazoned on the back of my eyelids for life at this point).

And when I look down while sitting in the same spot ...

My mom found the little bookshelf at Target.

And she made the duck from Little Box of Crochet; Raleigh Katherine sent the silver rattle.

I love that little camera! No clue where my friends found that.

There's the reframed cross stitch ...

I commissioned the rosy wreath and Dead Poets Society quote from Jesse; that scene where Robin Williams talks to his students for the first time is one of my most favorite ever.   "Why does the writer use these words?" "Because he's in a hurry!"  Jesse said, "I guessed her name was Rose from the way you described what you wanted."  And apparently all the roses at the shower tipped her off too.

Lace curtains, of course.  $7 per panel at Boscovs. Can't beat it with a stick.

That mirror weighs 60lbs--it's a beast.  I love how the glass is starting to turn.  The banner used to hang in my kitchen window at Amber.

And the Sunshine Day baby afghan I finished (miracle--total miracle I finished that thing).  I love it--very happy with it.


Lauren Murray said...

Love it Heather! Not to pat myself on the back but I made that little wooden camera :)

Cat Lady, Esq. said...

They sell those little wooden cameras at murray and finn or whatever its call - I almost bought one, can't believe Lauren made it!

Cat Lady, Esq. said...

Also I arranged the stuffed animals on top of the book shelf :D

Laurie said...

I love her room <3