Monday, March 13, 2017

Leslie's bday

Leslie's gifts: a Buddha Board, leather Arden & James wallet, and a locket from Malena's--all from worKS Kennett Square.

I was trying to copy this cake--there are chocolate and vanilla layers inside, and I used Steph's vanilla frosting recipe. It *just* covers two 8"layers. Next time I'll make a 1.5x recipe just to be safe.

I wish the cake carrier I have was prettier in pictures.  That's the only downside to it--once the cake is on there and iced, it's on this ugly, white plastic thing.

Bought that china the day I found out that I was having a girl.  Also, since I had to make two cakes just to make this one cake, I have my dad's cake ready to go in my freezer for April ...

I didn't realize that everything matched until it was all next to each other ...

Mom bought the cake toppers.

They hadn't seen each other since Christmas.

Jen stopped by--her mom is selling her childhood home and she had to come home from Boston to clean out her old room.  We were dying laughing at some of the stuff she found (especially at her exhaustively extensive Flyer's collection from the late 90-early 2000s).

In their defense, nobody looks good when they're singing.

Rose wore the big fluffy, party skirt that Steph gave her.

Happy Birthday, Leslie (and Sam!)   : )

Monday, March 6, 2017

Christmas (2.5 months later)

A stocking with a dancing kitty wearing a faux fur vest, a tiara, and a tutu? Um, yes, that will be my daughter's stocking. I hope she doesn't hate it when she's 13.

Ron went with Steph and Jeff to get the tree, and he picked out the biggest, most beautiful tree ever ... and I basically took no pictures of it. We didn't even decorate it.  We didn't decorate it last year either.  Next year, Rose will be walking and I will be like, "Maybe we shouldn't decorate it ..."

Hi Willow

Willow gets jealous.

Really jealous.

Don't ask.  (Can you tell which movie is on tv?)

I can't remember if Rose was 5lbs yet. Maybe she had just cracked 5lbs.

My first cocktail since March. Sadly it took two sips for me to be WASTED.  Totally ridiculous.