Sunday, November 5, 2017


We did Ron's birthday early since his sister was home for the weekend.  Rose brought her costume so everyone could see.

She's a monkey--that tail makes her look a lot like the emoji. I really wanted her to be a cupcake or a kitty but didn't see anything I liked.

Don't ask me how: I somehow found time to carve a pumpkin. I probably found the time because I totally forgot to do something else.  Something else that I have yet to remember.  It'll come to me. Eventually.

Probably the last year we do Halloween at my mom's.  Grandparents will have to start coming to us ...

My favorite of her Halloween clothes.

She wore it under her monkey costume.

Ron even got off work early (it's outage season) which is a freakin miracle. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Friday, October 27, 2017

Fall around the house

Something very Cinderella about this.  The roses are gone now, and I have to cut that thing back.

I bought this last October at a consignment place not far from my house. I also found a set of enormous crochet curtains--in PERFECT condition--for $16 that took someone forever to make.  In terms of labor, they're worth hundreds.  But this ceramic was maybe $10 and I just couldn't leave him there--I just think he's great.  I did think, "Wouldn't this scare a little kid? ... meh, I don't care."  I was really thrilled to pull him out of his box this year.

I just found this guy last week at the Women's Exchange in West Chester.  My mom has an identical one that's been in the family for decades.  Apparently, that one is destined for Leslie so now we both have one.  I wish mine had the bones on the skeleton hand holding the pumpkin defined with black paint like Leslie's.

Amalie made her that birdie mobile and I had to raise it several inches recently ...

October, typically my favorite month (tied with May), has been really strange.  Mostly too hot and too humid--it's like August and October switched places this year.  Basically, summer clothes have been the rule.  Hopefully, Rose will get to wear the hat my mom crocheted for her before she outgrows it.  I think she looks like someone from Dr. Zhivago.

Thank you to whoever gave Rose this towel that I didn't register for and never would have thought to register for.

Ok, we did have one random cool day that actually justified a hate and socks/shoes.  Note the kitty on her sweater.

That "11" makes my heart stop. How? How? HOW?  I keep a one line a day journal, and I went back and looked at 10/18/16--what was I doing the day I didn't know that I only had a month left?  I had written something like, "Barely finished my work.  Tired to my bones." Ohhhh ... right. I was exhausted.  And I still am.  But truthfully I have been since 6th grade so who cares?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ama's baby shower

Ama's wedding shower feels as if it happened a month or two ago ... but it was actually two years ago.  At the time, Ama and Nick lived in Philly behind the Kimmel Center.  Since then, both have wrapped up their PhDs, brought home a rescue dog, found jobs in the suburbs, and moved to the normal-people-Delco-side of the Mainline.

And NOW, Ama is expecting a baby girl pretty much any day.  She's due 11/1 and swears she will go late.  I said the same thing to my students multiple times ("This is a Christmas baby, people: I'll be here until the end" ... yeah, right).  I think Ama's girl will be trick or treating in the maternity wing of Lankanau.  (Don't worry, I gave her a Halloween black cat outfit so she's ready.)

I really regret that I didn't bring my camera to Ama and Nick's shower.  They had a beautiful day at Bellevue State Park in Wilmington. (I later asked her, "Why Bellevue?" And Ama literally rolled her eyes and said, "Because you can't serve alcohol at parks in PA.  And I was like, 'I am not asking all these people to come to a coed baby shower and not serve them beer and wine.  No way.'"  I was like, "a) Is that true?? and b) thank you.")

So anyway, all I had was my cell phone the day of, and I barely took any photos.

I magically intuited Ama's nursery colors.  I knew pink wasn't the right choice for her, so I settled on peach.  She told me grey was her neutral before she found out what she was having so I guess I cheated on that part.  This pattern is called a granny stripe.  Annoying to have to constantly change out yarn every two rows, but it wasn't that bad.  I started and finished on grey and did all the trim in grey.

Peach outfits to match ... I SERIOUSLY didn't take a picture of the black cat kitty outfit? My brain is more broken then I care to admit.

It was the first time all five of us plus all of our daughters were together.  So many girls!

Megan's little girl--she had turned one since the last time I had seen her in June.

I am literally dyyyyyyying for this baby girl to arrive.  So excited for you, Ama and Nick!  Ama is one of the greatest human beings I've ever known--that's why I've kept her around for 28 years.  Pretty much the entire world will benefit from her participating in raising the next generation of people.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fall visit to Philly

Last weekend was one of the last weekends before Ron's horrible busy season.  We went downtown for what may be the last time for awhile.  It was kind of gross out, but not ridiculous.

Rose has Halloween kitties on her shirt and black cats on the bottom of her pants.  And maybe 4 more Halloween cat onesies in her closet at home. Because: I am insane.

How do those pumpkins balance?

Blue flowers always photograph purple.

I put my face basically right up to the glass (on the window of this private residence): They're actual crochet curtains, not some machine-made fake lace thing.  Tiny, tiny stitches.

We did the same walk we always do--down to Washington Square. We took Spruce and Pine this time, not Locust.  Washington Square was crawling with brides and bridal parties, and all of the churches we passed had weddings coming and going.  I stopped into Talula's and bought a bunch of food while Ron and Rose waited in the park.  We split everything I bought on a bench in the park (buffalo cauliflower--did you know it's a thing? I didn't), watched all the dogs, the pigeons, and the brides, and then back to Leslie's we walked.  Ron gave Rose her final bottle while Leslie and I walked over to Old Navy because Leslie didn't know how to pick out sizes for Rose right now (she has a birthday coming up ... did I really just say that? how?).  And before we knew it, we were back in the suburbs.