Sunday, August 7, 2016

Millions of peaches

The other week, I was asked to photograph "peaches" over at Longwood--the harvest was taking place that week, and the clock was ticking down. I didn't feel like doing it, but I didn't have anything going on that day so I went over anyway.  I didn't know what I would get since I haven't been using my camera lately and my head wasn't in the game.  We lucked out, and one of the gardening interns met up with us next to the peach trees in the Idea Garden.  I asked her to just, y'know, "Harvest some peaches or whatever and pretend these trees are the most fascinating thing you've encountered in your life."  Christine shrugged. "Ok."  But she didn't pretend, and it shows.  I think we worked for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and I really loved every shot I took which was mostly Christine's doing.

Before we started, she said to me and the Art Director, "Let me go wash my hands--they're a mess."  Both of us went, "NO! Keep the dirt!"

When we were done, Christine looked down and said, "Well, someone has to eat these. I'm having one--do you want one?"

Yup, that Longwood peach was better than any supermarket peach ...


Lauren said...

Do you know what kind of peaches they were? I canned sun high peaches last summer and they were soooo good!

Jo Harper said...

I actually don't ... I didn't see sign near the trees either. I'll ask someone there later this week.