Monday, September 7, 2015

One last weekend at Leslie's

Two weeks ago Leslie and Sam headed out of town for a wedding, and we had one last summer weekend with Ellie in le grande apartmente de Rittenhouse.

(If these images are blurry or pixelated, let me know--I exported them differently and I have no idea how it's going to work.)

Sam was like, "You got into Village Whiskey on a weekend??" We were like, "Well, if you go at 4:30pm, they have tables."

OMG, the pickled cherry tomatoes?  Kill me.  I refused to look at the short rib and cheddar duck fat fries at the table next to us--Ron was hissing under his breath, "Look. At. Them."  No. no no no no no.

It is stupid how much I love cocktails. S-T-U-P-I-D.

Francis, I can't help it: I love you. BUT. I really can't wait till your visit is over. And I don't even live downtown.

More cemeteries.  Also, more gorgeous weather.  We really lucked out.

I don't know why I love all the crosses piled on top of each other, but I do.

FINALLY visited one of the Jinxed locations--I gave them up on Instagram a year ago (couldn't handle it anymore), but I haven't forgotten them.  Ron and I also decided that South Street is hell on earth.  Dante knew what he was talking about 1000 years ago.

I kinda wish I had brought this home with me. Oh well.

Duh, where else would we go?  Also, their almond croissants are as insane as Sweetie Pie's AM buns.  Tied for #1.  Although if I could only have one for the rest of my life, I would pick the AM buns.

Glad I grabbed this before it gets scraped off.  I hope something pretty moves in here.

These are pixelated aren't they.  AREN'T THEY??? I can tell they are.

Laur? Steph? Erin? Susie? tell me I'm wrong.


cat lady esq said...

why is liking cocktails stupid?

Linda C said...

You didn't bring the little black Halloween kitty home with you??? I was trying to figure out how to talk you into giving that kitty to me. Then I read the caption.