Monday, September 28, 2015

Amber's hit parade

I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry ...

March 2008--My mom scheduled my bridal shower to coincide with a) my spring break and b) Leslie's spring break/birthday.  Perfect.  I had time to put everything away before I went back to school.  We got to work on a Sunday morning, and at one point we were dying laughing because we were trapped on opposite sides of the kitchen completely surrounded by boxes--some unpacked, some half empty--and everything that had come out of the boxes.  You literally could not take a step in any direction.  Well, Ron thought it was funny. I was panicking about where it would all go. We set the tripod on the kitchen table for this.

And then we realized that we couldn't see any of our new stuff, so we opened all of the cabinets.  God, I miss those recessed lights. CRAP, I forgot to pull those pictures off the cabinet doors--dammit, there's always something.

Whoever planned the landscaping in our neighborhood twenty years ago is a genius--all of these trees bloom pink or white in the spring; they turn this gorgeous red in the fall; they're full leafy green all summer long.

The light that had me at hello.

I was talking to Marcie--at night, after class.  I have no idea why I was talking to her in my then-unfinished basement or why I was down there long enough for the Fluffs to make themselves comfortable.  I also don't know what any of that crap is on the table.

First Christmas Eve, 2006. Ron's lip sticks out like that when he's on a mission.  Sometimes it means, "STAY AWAY" and other times it means, "Hang on a sec."

Christmas Eve, 2013

Christmas Eve, 2012

Maybe my favorite view inside the house--I'll miss this.

Post Fluff Christmas card photo, 2011

One of the most beautiful noises ever? Being startled awake at 4am when the snow removal team shows up to shovel everyone's sidewalk and to plow out the street. I will really REALLY miss that.


April--that day when you intentionally open the back door and leave it open for the first time since October.

Mother's Day

"Ron? Will you build me new cabinets? I hate how tiny ours are. And I want one with glass doors, too."

"Ok."  It crushes me that we can't take them.  I truly enjoyed them EVERYDAY that I used them.  Thank you, Ron.  And see that? When you lose the light on the front of the house, it comes around the back just as bright.  Always buy a house with southern exposure--ALWAYS.  When we house hunted this summer, I had Ron marching around with his compass at more than one house.

Note the time on the clock ...

"You know that your thumb was covering the flash, right?"  "No, it wasn't."  "Umm, yeah. It was."

I know. I know, I know, I know.

Every morning.

Such a small house, so much natural light! You can't beat it--what a gift.

And my gorgeous shelves.  Thank you, Ron.

That light--this window makes me cry every time I think of it! Every time.

That gorgeous deck.  Thank God we bought that awning. Best money we ever spent on the whole place.  I would've died without it that Summer of the Bunion Foot.  I literally just napped the whole month of July back there.  No wonder I recovered so well.  And while the fig over my shoulder there has since been planted at my mom's, at least I can plant my smaller one at the new place ...

And I would've sat out there until midnight every night during the summer if not for mosquitos.

The path that takes me up to the main road for my run, hot or cold, rain or shine (my only rule? No ice!).  Best way to start and end five miles.  It always made me happy--it always felt like a gift.

Only one direction to go in now ...

"And it’s crystal clear
That I don’t ever want it to end
If I had my way I would never leave
Keep building these random memories
Turning our days into melodies
But since I can’t stay:
I’ll just keep playing back
These fragments of time
Everywhere I go
These moments will shine

~  Daft Punk (ha! come on, that's funny)


Susie H. said...

Sounds like a eulogy. Enjoy your new house. You no longer have to clean snow off your car; you can plant peonies; there is light everywhere; Ron can build new things. By the way, does your new home have a name yet?

Jo Harper said...

Such a good point! It is a eulogy, though. (And I am thrilled--beyond thrilled--about never digging out my car again!!!) No name yet, but I am definitely Queen of the Manor ...

Mandy said...

We will miss you!! Can't wait to see the new place and hear about all the exciting new memories that you will make there. 100% agree with you that there is something special about the landscaping here at Amber! I will still text you though when Amber does not have power because I think only you will understand!!!