Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ama's getting married

The best way to spend the morning of your birthday? At your best friend's bridal shower--it's like a party for you without all the pressure of being center of attention.  And there was cake! So really, just a like a party for me, only not.  Pretty perfect.

(Also, these images are enormous and I just don't feel like fixing it.  Now I know what to do next time!)

I put my key on a necklace.

Beautiful morning at People's Light

Naturally, there was the game where Amalie had to guess Nick's answers to a bunch of random questions ...

Some questions are harder than others ...

She did really well, though ; )

Like, really hard.

I like watching the moms at these events.

And nothing makes me happier than a frenzy of presents--NOTHING.  Especially when I'm not the one being stared at while they're being opened.

Lexie is a bridesmaid ... she is basically due the day of the wedding.  HA!  We should start placing bets on birthdays.

Ama's little sister made this--Ama and Nick are both ChemEs ... get it?

The bridesmaids

The PSU friends (note: the bold colors)

The K-12 friends ... today, the five of us are in the same room together maybe twice a year.  A long time ago, it used to be everyday. (Note: the muted colors--what is that about?? hahaha!)

What a beautiful day--I'm so happy for you, Ama.  October will be here in the blink of an eye. Enjoy it.

Much love,


Amalie said...

Love love love these!! Thanks so much for capturing these moments... It went by so fast. Such a perfect day...

Laurie said...

So fun!! Did you figure out the size thing? Also, I've noticed that Blogger's photo quality has been horrific lately. I store my photos in the same spot (Google+) for my wordpress blog and the quality is so much better. So frustrating!

Laurie said...

Soo.... strange. I actually think they fixed the photo quality thing today!! Go figure. Yay! :)

Jo Harper said...

You sure? Really? Because I have little faith ...