Monday, August 17, 2015

Babysitting my niece, day 2

I swear, we actually did pay attention to Ellie while we stayed at Leslie's.  I just don't have any pictures of that.

I am a creature of habit, and I dragged Ron to my favorite place for coffee and morning dessert.

Lucked out with gorgeous weather.  Personally if it had been up to me, it would have been slightly cooler but I can always find something to whine about.

Almond croissant--just kill me, it's so amazing.  I also had a double cappuccino and nearly ordered a second one.  But I didn't.

Yes that's your dress, Leslie.  Yes, it has since been consigned.

There was this awesome pop-up consignment shop not far from Leslie's place.  So many gorgeous things.  I'm talking to one of the guys working there, and he just drops on me like it's nothing, "Oh, this isn't my day job: I'm an epidemiologist at Penn." I fell to the floor laughing, because, you know--that's totally normal.  I asked him about the scariest thing he's ever studied and he kinda rolled his eyes and told me I couldn't handle it. I believe him.

If you say so.

Love this one--especially that "g."

Not as pretty as my H ... but almost.

WSqP ... because we are the most boring, predictable people on earth.  But the house I want to live in is behind me here.

My fave fave favorite.  Looks like Edward Gorey.

"KITTY IN THE WINDOW!"  Also, are these people early or late?

Gorgeous store on S. 20th Street--by appointment only dahling.  I took this from the outside. No appointments for me.

Omigod, I LOVE this dress.  I need it about 12 inches shorter for my frame, but I love it.  And it's the perfect shade of ballet blush pink silk.  I was dying over it and Ron mutters, "It's a giant pillowcase."  And then I died laughing because he's right.  Still love it.

I want that balcony.  And all those stained glass windows too.

Much later in the day, and we were starving.  I had the classic (I have been craving salmon like nobody's business), and I think Ron had the club? We brought them back to Leslie's to watch more Arrested Development and to play with Ellie before we headed out.

I love this light up chapel sign, and I purposely walked back to find it because it had been too dark the night before.  I didn't get it the way I wanted to though.  The scaffolding didn't help either.

And that's it.  Maybe we'll get one more weekend this summer?


Cat Lady, Esq. said...

Little Petes!! One of my faves, as is Pamcakes for cupcakes and Bronzed Bee for a golden glow. Not a fan of Spread though. Overpriced and not good. Next time go to Chestnut Street bagels. Or just go to Little Petes. Can you get breakfast sandwiches at Gran Caffe?

Jo Harper said...

Yes they do have samiches at Gran Caffe--Ron had an eggy one with ham and it was soooooo good. I liked my samich from Spread! But I'll try your other place next time ;)