Sunday, June 14, 2015

24 hours in the city

Leslie doesn't have the most fun job in the world, but it provides her with one of the coolest apartments in one of the best neighborhoods in Center City, and I get to stay there when she goes out of town.  Free room and board downtown!  It's the greatest gift ever.  She was away with the boy over Memorial Day, so I spent part of the weekend at her place.  Poor Ron couldn't come with me--it was a gorgeous weekend too.  Truly a tragedy.

I carried my camera with me everywhere on Friday, but I didn't take a single picture.  I hate it when I do that.  That damn thing is heavy and it gets in the way, but if I don't feel like seeing anything then I simply don't see.  I really felt like being lazy, so I just wandered wherever I wanted.  I had a Verde gift card from Leslie burning a hole in my pocket, and I didn't feel like bringing it back home.  Even though my day to day life is anything but orthodox, something still felt rebellious about just doing whatever I wanted away from home for six straight hours.  I don't think I looked at my watch once that whole afternoon.

I made myself take pictures on Saturday because I knew I'd be angry with myself if I took nothing the whole weekend.  All of these are from Saturday.

Part of the agreement to stay there was to water all the plants on the deck--the bells in that steeple ring pretty regularly. Love that.

Also, I guess these apartments across the way are finally inhabitable?  They looked gutted and deserted when Leslie moved in.  Looks like that's no longer the case.

Rittenhouse has a fantastic farmer's market on Saturday morning.  I noticed most of the vendors were from out my way (duh--makes sense).  However, it cracked me up when I heard a city dweller ask a vendor, "Cochranville?  Where's that?" The vendor said, "Oh, it's like western Chester County."  To which the city dweller replied--completely mystified and confused, as if the reply had been "WE'RE FROM MARS!"--"huuuuh??? never heard of it."  Maybe you need to get out more?

On Friday night, I went to Gran Caffe L'Aquila and ordered papardelle for take out. (I also may or may not have bought a pastry. And bread pudding.  Maybe.)  I needed a decent espresso (and maybe a pastry--perhaps) in the morning, so I came back here.

Double cappuccino and an almond cornetto--I was shocked at myself because I usually do chocolate, but the almond was to die for.  The whole place was empty so I sat in the window and took my time.  It was too bad--Ron would've loved it.

The Buffalo Exchange was across the street--home sewn prom gowns mixed in with all kinds of stuff.  Don't know if I could buy anything here.  All I could think about were bed bugs, but I did look anyway.

I couldn't figure out if this was oringinally store bought or not--the bottom hem was damaged anyway.  It's all double-crochet ... I could do this, right? Not sure.

Locust Street, walking to Garces Trading Co. to meet up with Amalie, Nick, and Leigh Ann.

God, I love GTC.  That place never gets old.  I skipped the two course option (that includes a basket of pastries) because I had already eaten a week's worth of pastry the night before and the morning of.  So I settled for a flatbread and champagne and called it a day.  Love love love that place.

I love Locust Street. Love it. It's always dramatically quieter and feels 10 degrees cooler than any other street in the summer.

I still can't replicate that big watercolor I have.

If I could put giant parentheses around this image I would: Here's the watercolor that I've referenced several times.  I wanted to take this shot in 2003 but of course I didn't/don't have a lens wide enough to do it.  One block away--at the bottom of Anthropologie's steps on 18th street--a guy (this guy) had this on an easel for sale.  We were late for the train, didn't care, bought it, and ran like crazy.  (We made it.)  (Also, the paperweight will keep it from sliding and toppling from the shelf ... right?)

And that was it. I would've stayed overnight a second night, but I had an assignment that I had to do back home (where my camera later broke anyway ... btw, thank you Nikon: I had my camera back in two weeks and lucky me! fixed for free! thank you, Warranty!)

In other Leslie news, guess who's a new momma?

A new KITTY MOMMA, that is!!!!  Leslie brought home Ellie a few weeks ago; naturally, she's a Siamese and completely lovey-dovey and adorable.

So if you thought a million pictures of my cats were obnoxious and out of control, well, prepare thyself for an onslaught of a million more.

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Linda C said...

Great photos. Wish I could eat all the pastries and sandwiches in the café photo. And that little Ellie Miele is such an adorable nugget. She might need to visit her relatives in the "country" soon!