Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Granny square T

Ugh, can I tell you how much yarn I have in my back bedroom upstairs? I have it STUFFED into this giant drawer in one of my dressers, plus several "Pounds of Love" (who names this stuff?) hidden strategically in baskets and boxes around the house.  I have two baby (girl) birthdays in April--Reese and Vienna--and while Reese was not having a party, she lucked out with a free gift because I have GOT to use up some of this yarn, people.

Memory refresher: Reese's baby blanket.  I still had four skeins of that aqua yarn up in the big drawer, so I dug it out to work on something new: this granny square T.  Long story short, it was super easy.  I did one side in one night, the second side the next night, and the third night I "sewed" them together.  Done.  One problem: Does anybody know how big a two year old/one year old is?  I don't.  This required me to text every woman I know who's ever given birth to ask them how many inches long a two year old's/one year old's shirt should be.  The final result was everyone telling me, "errrr, not sure. Take a guess?"  A few weeks later, I got to see Reese try it on (over a sweatshirt no less) and it miraculously fit.  (I also got to receive one of Reese's killer scowls which made the whole thing REALLY worth it.  I love a kid who scowls ... Reese will have to go a long way to beat me, though.)

The only change I made to the pattern?  After I sewed the two side together, I single crocheted around the bottom hem twice to really finish it.

To go with Vienna's gift, she received both "Kiki and Coco in Paris" and "Lulu and Pip."  Reese already had the former, so I made sure she received the latter to go along with it.  I didn't think any children's book could be better than "Kiki and Coco" ... until I read the same team's newest story.  "Lulu and Pip" starts in San Francisco and includes a camping excursion in Big Sur ... does it get better than that?

I look that happy when I'm in San Francisco.  No, really I do ... unless I'm begging Ron to find me the N Train in the Sunset District. Yeah ... then I look a little different.

Ok, so seriously, you will never EVER get me to go camping. Ever.  I can't even imagine the circumstances that would have to transpire for that to happen.  There is not enough alcohol in the WORLD to trick me into agreeing to go camping. With anybody. Anywhere.


You might get it happen--maybe--if you presented me with a camp that looked like this, plus a donkey:

You know what Lulu needs? What every hippie in the Bay Area needs: a crochet T.


(But not likely.)

(BUT maybe?)

(Nah.  But come on, how gorgeous is that??)

The Gruener/Rausser/Brown team is genius. That's all I can say. And that is why I keep buying their books for every daughter my friends have.

So there you have it: gorgeous books and a granny square T.

I really want to make myself a granny square T ...


Cat Lady, Esq. said...

Make me one please!!

Linda C said...

FYI - LionBrand has a free Adult pattern granny-T on their website.