Friday, April 17, 2015


Last fall, I stole Clare Walker Leslie's Drawn to Nature from (my) Leslie's shelves and read the whole thing twice.  I went out and bought her short list of inexpensive water color supplies afterward ... and I still haven't used them.  They've been sitting on my desk since October.  As soon as finals are over, I'm breaking that stuff open.  I know I've been procrastinating because I'm assuming that there's no way that I could be good at painting, and if I'm not going to be perfect at it out of the gate, then why bother?  Great recipe for success, right?  * le sigh * I'll probably have to fill up a few books with complete crap before I turn the corner, but until then I can mess around with my Waterlogue app.  I downloaded it at least two years ago, but I hardly ever use it.  Since I have a lot of papers to grade and don't feel like reading them, I managed to waste an hour tonight turning four cellphone shots from CA into watercolors:

Of course, now all I want to do is paint ... no matter how awful my work may be.  But I still have 35 papers to grade first [insert infinite anguished emoji].

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