Monday, April 20, 2015

Re-do of last weekend

My mom and I went back to Terrain this weekend, mostly because we had nothing else to do and I was still annoyed about the photos I missed last time.  It's not often you get a redo in this life, so I'll take what I can get.

We noticed this really odd looking magnolia tree when we arrived--sort of the Charlie Brown tree of magnolias.  Very tall with long, spindly branches and GINORMOUS blossoms and hardly any leaves.  Weird, but very pretty--it's called "Frank's Masterpiece."  Also, how cool are those grey-black-blue flowers??? Didn't look at the tag to see what they're called.  I'm guessing some kind of cosmos?  Not sure.

This was the shot I agonized about the most last time and I didn't really put much effort into it--distracted by other things I guess.  Only the UO/A empire could make mold and mildew look glamorous.

Meyer lemons--if you've never smelled citrus blossoms before, then you really must go find some and smell them.  Preferably in California.  But if it's easier for you to go Terrain, then do that.

Sadly, my cellphone shot doesn't look dramatically worse than this.

My next house needs to have a greenhouse. Needs needs needs.

The way to and from takes us by Birmingham Hill (which I'm not even sure how to describe--I can't tell if it's some kind of land trust, or historical thing, or walking trail around a historical thing. No idea).  I drove by Saturday morning and saw it was covered in blue blossoms and immediately swore to come back with my camera. Thirty seconds later, I promptly forgot about it ... until I drove by with my mom on Sunday.  I made her turn around and take me back because it's raining all day today and I know I'll miss this. To my surprise, she actually turned around and took me back.

It looks like blue bonnets, but it's not ... just grape hyacinths which according to my mom were planted on purpose by somebody at some point.

My mom loves her a sycamore tree--funny, I can't look at these without thinking of Wyeth.  It's like I think he invented them or something.  (Mom, did you read this?)

Nothing worse than getting a blurry shot because your quads betray you and you end up shaking the camera.

Before I left the house, I was given orders by Ron to buy an oyster shucking knife.  Ok, fine.  Not only did he pick up oysters, but look how beautifully he plated them.  The top half of the plate are Blue Points, and I forget the name of the long ones on the bottom, but they were twice as briny as the Blue Points--amazing.  Ron also defrosted the last of the Christmas Eve red sauce and boiled up some pasta.  So it tasted like Christmas Eve in April. No complaints here.

So let the week begin ... the last regular week of classes is upon me.


That went fast.

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