Thursday, April 2, 2015

Freezing-ass cold in Malvern

Last Saturday, my mom and I finally went and explored Malvern for the first time in a long time.  Malvern is really tiny, but I've driven through a few times in the past month and there were easily six or seven places that I was dying to go into that didn't exist awhile ago.  So even though it was super windy and freezing-ass cold (as my childhood friend Jesse B. would say), off we went because who knows if winter will ever end and like Andy says in Shawshank, "You can get busy living or get busy dying" (or something like that).

(Apparently, staying home all the time and whining about how cold it is counts more as "dying"? Who knew?)

Also, can I just take a second to mention how my favorite part of the day is making a cappuccino?  It's my favorite thing, and the irony of this is that RON insisted on registering for the espresso maker all those years ago--not me.  And now I use it everyday and I don't remember the last time he did.

And seriously, people, try Williams-Sonoma's chocolate croissants already.  I need to use mine up faster, but I'm bad at not using up good stuff in a timely manner.

Love that end table and vintage clip-on lamp.

I seriously can't remember the name of this store--it's near the new Christopher's and is something like Upcycled Home ... ?

Wow, I can't remember the name of this place either ... and you cannot find the names of these places anywhere, not on Google maps or whatever. Oh well, but love those crochet curtains.

A pale green response to Annie's pink chair.

This is King Street Gallery, and basically I want, like, all of it.  Especially all of the stuff with crystals on it. If you dangle a crystal on it, I will want it.

I tried on that giant opal ring. To die for.  And that gold monogrammed bracelet (on the bracelet display thingy--all the way on the left).  It actually opens up as a locket and actually fits my wrist (basically any bracelet made after 1980 is too big).

I love that giant portrait--it's dated 1935.  It always baffles me to discover that there were plenty of people not starving/desperate during the Depression.  (Go to Newport, R.I. ... many of those mansions and the people in them were flourishing during the 30s.)

I got lazy and used my flash--the chair is Syrian (another baffling piece if you stare at it long enough: "Oh wait. You mean there hasn't always been a civil war there with every civilian fleeing for the borders? People once enjoyed living there and had time to build these incredible chairs? huh.")  Also, can I have the marble inlay table with the curvy brass legs ...?

Ron, you are so freakin lucky we don't have a mantle or she would be OVER IT right now.  Not even joking.

Here's something I learned from watching Leslie paint for many years: If I asked what color her dress is, most people would just say "pink," and that's not wrong. But in order to paint a pink dress well, you need to use a lot of different colors--not just "pink."  There are different shades of white, beige, yellow, blue, and even red to make her dress seem believably pink.

And because a good non-sequitor never killed anybody, meet Annie's new puppy, Gemma!  Annie (yup, NYC Annie) walked by a window with rescue puppies that same day ... and came home with one.  Isn't she gorgeous?


Stephanie McBride said...

I love that the lady in the "pink" dress has a boxer! My dress would be all slobbery if I let Utley near me while in gown like that!

Linda C said...

Ron is counting his lucky stars that you don't have a mantel at this time. He is probably paying off the owner of that shop to ditch the painting just in case you buy a home with a big mantel. Seriously, that painting was taller than you. You didn't take a photo of the crocheting lady - she was lovely, but again, much to big to put anywhere in a normal size home.

Gemma is adorable. I hope Annie brings her over and introduces her to Willow (and me!).

Jo Harper said...

Yes, I saw she had a boxer too! and I'm going back for that painting if it kills me, mom!!