Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What came home from California

I don't think that people should travel for the sake of buying stuff, but I definitely buy stuff when I travel.  I just do.  I know my friend, Marcie, does not judge me for this.

Here's what I found on this trip, part of which--I won't lie--I had been considering since last August.

This was in the pictures of Legendary Beads in the last post.  I don't know what possessed me to try this on, but I did.  I actually put it back and told myself to think about it, so I didn't feel bad going back an hour later to get it.  It's silk, but obviously machine embroidered.  I tried it on again the other day and thought, "Whoa, ok," but there's something about all those colors on black that I really love. (Is this blurry??? WHY IS THIS BLURRY???? It's not blurry in LightRoom so what's going on??? [anguished emoji])

I really wanted to get one of these at Large Leather last summer, but I went with the hat instead.  Looks pretty ordinary ...

... you can undo the crossbody strap and turn it into a wristlet (I hate clutches without the wrist thingy).

There's a slot in the back to slide onto a belt.  If you don't think this is fashionable, then you clearly don't follow Clare Vivier (her stuff is GORGEOUS).  I was also thinking this would be really convenient to slide onto my camera strap, but unhooking the camera strap is a real pain in the ass (which is a good thing, I guess). I think I really might do that.  Maybe.

I couldn't figure out how to photograph it, but the inside is like an accordion folder.  Jessica, who makes these for a living, has been using the same one for years--it's stretched out to triple its size with use, but she doesn't feel like trading it in yet.

The bracelet is from Jessica's store too.  The yarn is Cast Away and Folk--I seriously don't know how any rational person exercises self-control in there. (Yarn details: Swans Island, 50% Fine Merino Wool, 50% Tussah Silk, Lace Weight in Sea Glass).  The three charms (because I don't have enough stuff like them) were super cheap at Legendary Beads, so I didn't feel bad bringing them home.  I think they're technically necklaces, but I just need a spot (like a drawer pull) to loop them on.
And thus concludes California 2015 ... things are finally warming up here in Philly: An entire week in the 50s stretches out before us.  It's like being in SF! (Not really, but sorta.)

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