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NYC with Annie: July 2014

Honestly, I just have more pictures of her apartment mostly shot with my outdated point and shoot camera, but whatevs:

At least these photos orient you: front door and bathroom is behind me.

Weird photo--this might've taken by mistake.  Anyway, how GORGEOUS are those floors??? And the dining table opens to twice its size.

"OMIGOD! WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT FRAME??"  [shrug]  "Are you joking? Your grandmother's attic?" [While taking a swig of ginger ale: shrug.]

Anybody who lives in a big city is saying "Holy crap she has a dishwasher!! [insert anguished emoji!!]"

This little corner of her bedroom is one of my fave spots--so pretty.

Did I show the pillows her mom made in the last post?

On this particular day, Leslie came with me.  It was the last Saturday in July and it was NOT CRAZY FREAKIN HOT. (Oddly ... I was going to California the next week ... so I've done the SF/NYC in one week thing more than once and just forgot. Huh.)  Let's see if I can remember what we did.
  1. We waited in a long freakin line to buy subway passes. OMG the eye rolling was epic. THAT was fun.  And then we discussed how freakin gross it is underneath Penn Station--basically the Wildwood boardwalk underground with no beach and no tram.  When we were at Penn Station last month, I said to Annie, "Who EATS at these places down here??? WHO IS SHOPPING IN THE KMART DOWN HERE???" And Annie goes, "Don't judge: I had to buy sunscreen in there once."  Well: there you go!
  2. We took the subway over to Brooklyn where, like, ALL of my favorite bloggers live.  I did not run into one of these other bloggers.  While it was not crazy-100-degrees-hot, the fact is that it was still summer--it certainly wasn't cold.  We made our way over to the Brooklyn flea and looked at jewelry in shoulder to shoulder crowds until our heads nearly exploded (I think all of us bought bracelets).  Then ...
  3. We wandered down the street to Smorgasburg.  In theory Smorgasburg is a cool idea.  In practice, I don't get it.  Imagine 1000 food vendors grilling, baking, smoking, and selling every food item known to man.  It's on a big cement pad in a major city. There is no shade, and it's (only) 80 degrees out.  Annie bought McClures pickles while I watched a bunch of people eat fried stuff on sticks.  Annie turns to us and goes, "Do you guys want to get something to eat ... at a place with air conditioning?"  I'm tempted to say No just to torture her--it's obvious she wants out--but we both say, "Uhhhh .... yes."
  4. So we got back on the subway for Manhattan.  We are nearly trampled by the crowds running OFF the trains as they stampede up the steps into Brooklyn.
  5. We land back in Annie's neighborhood at dell'anima. It was a little later in the day, so we had no problem getting a table outside in the shade.  We all enthusiastically agreed that we needed a bottle of rose' for the table.  The waitress said to us, "You know, today is the perfect day for rose' and nobody has been ordering it!"  I had l'uova in purgatorio (no, Erin, I do not remember that off the top of my head--I had to look at the menu), Annie ordered pasta, and Leslie had eggs (I think?).  We didn't rush, we took our time, and it felt twenty degrees cooler there than it did in Brooklyn (which makes no sense, right?).  It was just gorgeous. The street was quiet, the trees were leafy, and there was a fantastic breeze.
  6. Annie indulged us and stood in line with us so we could pick something out at Magnolia bakery.  We waited next to a few (very well coiffed) moms with their tweenage daughters. I think they were from DC or something and were very impressed that both Leslie and Annie were lawyers ("You look so young!").  I debated whether I should just lie and say that I'm an architect (probably the best idea George Costanza ever had). I resisted.
  7. Leslie and I had been gushing over Annie's eye makeup, and finally we got the biggest eye roll and shrug EVER followed by, "Let's go to Sephora!" and so we did.
  8. Annie reveals that she uses NARS eyeliner in Rue Saint-Honore with an iridescent Armani eyeshadow smudged over it.  While I AGONIZE over whether to get the eyeliner and a similar eyeshadow (Annie's eyes, after all, are hazel and mine are bright blue so what if it just doesn't look the same and I can't put the sample on my eye because that IS SO GROSS AND WHO WOULD DO THAT? let me just distract myself by helping Leslie pick a lip gloss ...) Meanwhile, Annie disappears and buys the eyeliner without telling me.  "Here," she says, looping the bag over my free wrist. "Stop freaking out."  I'm speechless.  And then I grab the eyeshadow and run to pay for it so I can have both.  It's an act of generosity that I will reflect on pretty much everyday indefinitely. (Still do.  Thank you, Annie.)
  9. Time is winding down; it's a gorgeous day, and Leslie has never seen the High Line ... neither have I for that matter (even though Annie sternly insisted on it the day I came up to see Martha Stewart--it was cold and windy and I didn't feel inclined).  "You've never seen the High Line? omigod. [sigh]."  We trail Annie out the door and down the cobblestone street.
  10. I don't have any photos of the High Line! Leslie does, but she has a million deadlines and a bad cold this week, so I can't bother her for the photos.  The sun is setting; it's crowded but fun.  All of those reclining chairs are taken.  It's the complete opposite of the Wildwood Boardwalk/Penn Station.
  11. Annie goes with us back to Penn Station.  Leslie and I begin the nearly 2.5 hour (feels like 4 hour) trek home on NJTransit.  We spend most of the ride scrolling through Anna Rifle's Instagram feed

Once upon a time, it was warmer than thirty degrees outside and living things actually grew, flourished, and bloomed. Then winter came and everything died. The End.

Look how many eyeliners I tested.

Magnolia vanilla-vanilla on the left; Clay's of Berwyn vanilla-vanilla on the right.  My verdict in this case was: Magnolia--the best vanilla/vanilla I've had since Dozen in Pittsburgh c.2010 (and Dozen is now gone [insert anguished emoji]; Clay's is a close second--nobody in Philly can beat their frosting.

This is a random picture of Ron holding Willow in a basket that's in the same file as my NYC photos. You're welcome.

And that was my July visit with Annie!  I'm going back in April--I promise to take pictures of something other than her apartment (ooooo maybe all of her outfits??? Annie is going, "GOD, NO. [eye roll]."  ; )

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