Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Brunch in Philly

I've been dying to go out to brunch for weeks.  It's hard for us to do dinners out--Ron is asleep by 9pm Sun-Fri and I avoid restaurants on Saturday nights if I can.  Last Sunday, we finally made it to Talula's Garden on Washington Square (next to Talula's Daily from a bunch of other posts like this one ... all the way at the bottom).

It's a huge open space. Our reservation was for 1:45pm--every seat was filled when we arrived, but within a half hour the place started to empty out and became much quieter.

Ron had "the Butcher" (a spicy bloody Mary) and I had "the Optimist" (a blueberry lemonade cocktail).  The pickled green beans in Ron's drink were really good.  No photos of it (because God forbid I don't photograph every single freaking thing I eat, right?), but I had the griddled Monte Cristo sandwich and Ron must've ordered his egg and sausage dish from the specials menu because I don't see it on the standard menu.  Both were amazing.

Naturally, I'll always take a picture of dessert: sweet little ricotta donuts with lemon curd and huckleberry jam.  Ooo la la!  Divine.

And then we walked. I spent a lot of time in Verde and Open House because I still have a gift card from my birthday, but it came home with me.

Circling back to Washington Square and the car--it was pretty damn cold. You would never guess it's the end of March.

Pine Street in Society Hill--clearly a Delco transplant lives here.  Well done, Delco Transplant!  It looks like Easter even though it feels like Christmas.

Look familiar, Leslie?

And that was it--we stayed most of the day and stopped to say Hi to Leslie and Sam before we left.

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