Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine amaryllis

Right on time--I've been taking pictures nearly every morning for the past two weeks as the bulb sprouted.  There are four big trumpets--not bad.

Also, Martha called me back last week to tell me that her expert does not believe that my orchid has black rot.  My orchid has (you're not going to believe this) ... sunburn!!  Basically, the window is too bright ("He recommends that you get sheers" ... already have them!), my house is too dry, and I don't water the orchid enough.  And, I never had to lop off that entire leaf.  But, at least she's not dying and all the leaves will eventually replace themselves anyway.


Linda C said...

Wow - your Valentine Amaryllis looks so pretty. My bulb refused to grow for several weeks but decided a few days ago to come to life. As you know, it grows by inches every single day. Looking forward to some pretty blooms of my own soon.

Jo Harper said...

I really thought you had a dud ... so glad it's not!