Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More overreliance on cellphone photos

This is officially a Blue Apron household!! WAHOO!! It's a shame it had to come to this, but man am I grateful it's something we can do.  Ron loves to cook but he's never home and when he is, he's asleep.  I don't remember the last time he planned a meal and cooked it ... 6 months +?  Oh, the humanity: I'm married to man who LOVES to cook and he has a job that completely prohibits it.  Meanwhile, I CAN cook--pretty well, I might add--but I don't enjoy it.  It just makes pissed off to the point of rage.  I have no idea why.  There ain't no love in this food, let me tell you.  Blue Apron allows the luxury of a greater degree of thoughtlessness on my part with stunningly amazing meals as a result. Win-Win.

So, like, we were supposed to get this blizzard with 24" of snow.  But then the winds shifted and all of it went to Long Island instead. Oops.  Turned out to be not such an awful day.

Sunday.  Also, my blanket does smell really good (it's that peony-rose lotion that Erin's mom gave me ... I only wear it to bed).

You know it's freakin cold out when you wake up to Penny this close to your face. You also know it's cold out when you can't move in bed because Pearl is sleeping on 1) your shoulders  2) your butt  3) your head all in one night.  I wish I was joking but Ron has photos.  And they're not getting posted here so you will have to take me at my word.

Why do people hate cats?  I just don't get it.

FAVORITE seasonal candy of the whole year. But they have to be Necco brand--NOT Brach's, which are not even good enough for my trash can.  btw Mom, they have Necco hearts at my Giant ...

Marshall, I am really sorry--I didn't realize you were drooling in this photo until right now. And I'm too tired to reopen Lightroom and figure out how to fix it, but I promise I will at some point (it's a good mini project).  Anyway, I still can't get over your hat--I've been so uninspired lately that I still can't believe that I followed a pattern and finished that.  Also, I want your coat.  Really badly.  It goes great with grey monkey.

Raleigh Katherine, back at her old stomping grounds.  When I saw this, I went, "Ugh, why is that scarf swallowing my face?" and she replied, "It's ok--my head is too big."  ????  We both need therapy.  What a great afternoon--I still keep replaying back parts of our convo in my head.  It's frustrating when people who make you feel normal live so far away.

You know my gorgeous, glorious orchid?  It somehow caught a fungal infection called Black Rot.  Apparently, this is the result of overwatering (not possible--I underwater everything ... just ask my ferns who I can hear crying of thirst in the other room) and POOR AIR CIRCULATION.  So if the air in my room is so polluted it turns my plants' leaves black ... then what the hell am I inhaling all day?

The American Orchid Society recommends isolating the plant (common sense), cutting off the infected leaf, and applying a poultice of cinnamon (a natural fungicide) and "cooking oil." I went with olive oil because it's so good for other stuff too.  Then I schmeared the poultice all over the wound where I had cut off the leaf (that little stub thing there).  The next morning, it was obvious that the rot was going to claim another leaf.  This lady is about to bloom again and if I keep cutting off leaves, the plant will die.  But if I leave the leaves untreated ... it will frickin die.  So rather than cut off the second leaf, I covered it in more cinnamon/oil paste just to see what would happen.  Wouldn't you know?  A week later and the leaf is still green.  I might've actually saved this sucker.

Just to be safe, I stopped by Valley Forge Flowers to meet with the woman in charge (I think?) of their greenhouse.  I'm fairly certain Martha is a genius--she reminds me of every favorite professor I ever had in college.  When I began babbling about "this orchid that I really love and can't throw away even though it was probably $10 at the supermarket," she just stared at me with this blank--almost stoney--face, but I knew better: professor poker face. I've seen it a million times.  (I'm still perfecting my own.)  When I mentioned the cinnamon poultice, her eyes widened the slightest bit: "Smart. ok. hmm."  In the end, she said I was a little overzealous with cutting off the WHOLE infected leaf; I need to use my ceiling fans more often (better air circulation); and she's contacting one of the best orchid growers in the region to consult with him.  It's like being at a world-class university.  Their greenhouse is the most lush indoor space I know of outside of Longwood--absolutely to die for.  So far, my orchid is just hanging in there, all by her lonesome in my freezing cold (albeit bright) family room window.

I saw this place on TV and had to go: The Bakeshop on Twentieth.  It was pretty good--I wanted it to be Dozen, but it wasn't.  * update * OMG so apparently Dozen is GONE!!! It went under in 2013 and I just found out [insert ten anguished emoji faces].  Oh that makes me so sad [insert twenty crying sad faces].  SO SAD!!! (Don't know what I'm talking about? click here.)  OH MY GOD DOZEN IS GONE.  WHAT'S NEXT? ANTHROPOLOGIE?  TARGET?? 

White Dog Cafe in University City--really, really gorgeous inside.

I don't get it either.  Some bum at the Necco factory was asleep on the job.  Like, literally I have eaten 1000 of these in the past two weeks, and this one was the FIRST one I actually read before cramming in my mouth. And it made zero sense.

Raleigh Katherine's chocolate croissants--dessert this time rather than breakfast.  I might have to order Williams-Sonoma's AM buns when I run out of croissants ...

Yeah, yeah, I know: So I have been a complete bum around here lately.  I have no idea why--I just have not been inspired AT ALL.  I'm not depressed or in a bad mood--I've been really busy doing all kinds of things that really matter to me.  It's a bizarre combination of things--none of them really go together.  For whatever reason, I haven't been picking up my camera; I have tons of stuff I want to crochet (including my Valentines) but I just couldn't care less.  I'm constantly talking to people and coming up with ideas for things, but executing them is another story.  Not sure what's going, but the pendulum always swings the other way eventually.

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