Thursday, February 12, 2015

Half-assed attempts at organization

Well actually, people, let's be real: I'm a Virgo, so few people do organized better than me (and few people can make you feel *thisbig*--i.e., very small--for being a slob), but I definitely have problem areas around this house where crap ends up in piles or simply in the way.  Case in point: I have too many sunglasses and have no intention of getting rid of any of them. Ok, I definitely might get rid of two or three of them after going through them last weekend, but they were all castoffs from Leslie anyway so it's nothing to feel bad about.

There are two things I keep right next to the front door: lipstick and sunglasses and sometimes regular glasses too (because if they're not there and I don't have my contacts in, I will walk around the house in Rx sunglasses for an hour or two because I have no inclination to run up the steps and get regular ones.  It is super annoying to watch TV with polarized lenses, but apparently I have forgotten everything I thought I learned after foot surgery--i.e., "I will never complain about having to run up and down stairs ever again!! [sob!]"--and watching screens with polarized lenses is somehow ok some days).

Also, I have a mirror near the front door (see also: lipstick); I learned this trick from my mom who has room for a full length mirror next to her front door. This serves two purposes: you can see yourself head to toe before you run out of the house (very helpful); and (for my mom anyway) it allows you to see who's at the front door without actually answering it (and without allowing who's there to see you).  Perfect for ignoring anybody holding a clipboard and/or pamphlets.  (Get over it.  Nobody is answering the door for you. Move on.)

Anyway, I have this vintage crystal dish from my grandmother (via her Aunt Edna) that's always on my front table that I usually use for sunglasses, but because it's circular and concave it's not really efficient.  When I was at TJMaxx last week, I found this gorgeous square jewelry box and thought, "AH! THIS is what I need for my glasses situation!"

This doesn't include the two pairs I keep in Ron's car; the small Rx windshields I use to go running; and my Favorites of All Time that stay in my car ALWAYS and do not leave the car EVER lest they get smashed in my purse or lost in a store.  I like the grey fabric, but I think I might line it with one of the fabrics I bought in California last summer.

Problem: The lid won't shut all the way because the box isn't deep enough ... still haven't decided if this is a dealbreaker or not?  The box was $10--no big deal to return it.

Yeah ... still sorting out who's staying and who's going.  Also, I feel like the crystal dish is too pretty to be wasted on a utilitarian job like corralling sunglasses, but this is the only spot I have for her right now, and if she's going to sit here then she has to be put to work.

Meanwhile, don't let this little photo essay on being organized fool you--I cannot keep the surface of the dresser in the back bedroom cleared off to save my life.  Same goes for the dresser in my bedroom. And the ledge on the steps outside my bedroom.  And the steps ...

[insert ten anguished emoji faces]

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