Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Random January stuff

This guy is already another five inches taller. What's better than a Valentine red amaryllis in the perfect shade of turquoise pot?? A Valentine red amaryllis in the perfect shade of turquoise pot on clearance at Target for $3.88.

She's back! Two months early!

Last Friday, the Mediterranean Room at Longwood felt just like April: snappy chilly but pleasant, sorta humid but not gross.  Perfection (at least in comparison to Philly in January).

I cannot believe I didn't think to look at the sign to note what these are.

So who gets to eat the lone pomegranate? How do they pick who gets to try it?

Remember that South American Powder Puff plant from two months ago?  Here it is again.

It was dark and I was lazy so I just popped my flash, but look at how these things bloom: Those little raspberry things are the buds ...

... and they just sprout open to bloom into a powder puff.  How cool is that?

Ron had off on Monday so we went into Philly since we literally sat around and did nothing the whole weekend, and it was so boring I wanted to claw my eyes out.  Ron also had to work all day Saturday which meant he was comatose when he came home, so we made the best of Monday instead. I just finished The Goldfinch last week (so good I could weep thinking about it--download the Kindle version since it's much lighter weight, although flipping your way through all 751 pages is deeply satisfying) so I was really in the mood to go to the Art Museum ... but we (I?) just ended up shopping instead. Shameful.  I scored such incredible stuff though that I'm saving it for its own post.  We had lunch at Matyson near 19th and Market: I had the hanger steak salad (same as when I was here in June--couldn't help myself) and Ron had a burger.  I knew this would be my only meal of the day so I thought What the hell? and ordered dessert too: coconut cream pie.  Holy crap. I didn't realize how accustomed I was to the offensive garbage that the supermarkets call "pie" until I had REAL pie: actual custard, actual whipped cream, a macademia nut crust ... no regrets.  Damn.

Naturally we visited Lesie. So many windows.

Morning ...

Williams-Sonoma chocolate croissants from Raleigh Katherine; see above re: the inferiority of supermarket pastry and how I'll never bother with such nonsense again.  Again, holy crap/no regrets/damn.

Noon (Penny).

Night (Pearl).

Ugh, so at least I made it through part of my backlog here.  I have all these great ideas for posts I want to do (some of them a year old) and getting to them feels nearly impossible just because stuff is busy (multiple part time jobs, volunteer work, holding down the domestic fort, academic/professional work), but I also recently switched from PC --> Mac AND I'm forcing myself to switch from Picasa --> Lightroom and I seriously want to kill myself. It's like studying a foreign language for fifteen years and then, just for fun, an evil demon (Descartes? are you out there?) has erased two-thirds of my memory and then demanded I keep up in advanced conversation like normal.  Like seriously, it took me and Ron an hour tonight to figure out how to get photos OFF my camera and onto the Mac ... and then we figured out that if I want to use Lightroom, the way I downloaded the photos is totally wrong.  So we went back, figured it out a different way, and I did it all again and THEN tried using Lightroom because I refuse to download Picasa on the new computer ... and it was like trying to read Dante when all you've learned so far is the present tense. Pointless.  Stupid. Impossible.  Rage-inducing.  So all of the photos here were edited on my PC (which BARELY works) on Picasa OR sloppily done with iPhoto's built in software because I somehow resisted downloading Picasa onto the Mac even though I wanted to SO BADLY.


I've spent EIGHT years using Picasa and the leap to Lightroom is kicking my ass.  Very humbling and rough on the ego.  I know if I download Picasa on the new computer, though, I will NEVER learn Lightroom and that's really lazy and stupid.

* le sigh *

Oh well. Bare with me--who knows how stuff is going to look around here for awhile.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Crummy cell phone pix

I have no idea who Miss Highsmith is, but she can't be that awful.

One of each, please.

Fancy chocolate with a gold foil wrapper.

Found this dress at Malena's in West Chester: $51 and made of cheap acrylic yarn--I did like that it was lined, but the lining is synthetic and would be awful sweaty. There HAS to be a way to copy it.

The top half is essentially the giant granny square baby blanket that I've made a million times.

The bottom half is a variation of the exact same shell pattern used to make the pink baby cape back in September.

My jade plant on the left is well over a year old ... Trove's jade plant on the right is, I'm guessing, 75 or 80 years old.  Maybe 90.

LOVE this photo of Marshall in the monkey hat I made him--it even debuted on Dan and Molly's Christmas card.

Owen's blanket ...

... which is frequently used by Lillian as a magic cape.

A stink bug was in the lamp.

She gave up.

I posted one of Ron ... guess it's only fair I post one of me.

My father in law ...

My husband.  Huh, in theory they look like identical twins but in reality Ron Sr. has far more Remo than Ron Jr. who has lots of Joanne.

I was feeling nostalgic on the last night of class and took this photo.  As I look at it now, it just pisses me off because I went back to school TODAY (yesterday, by the time this gets posted).  Nostalgic? I must be some kind of moron.

I know every student/prof says this every January, but the break FLEW by.  I refuse to open a calendar and count the days, but I know it was the shortest break I've ever had.  Thanksgiving was late, exams were REALLY late, and by the time the grade deadline passed we were about eight days away from Christmas.  (I don't expect anyone to feel bad for me. It's fine.)  Seriously, it took me DAYS to get the grading done--damn, there was a lot of it--and I posted the final grades three hours before the deadline. (This is normal and also acceptable.) I kid you NOT: NINETY MINUTES after I posted grades, I had my first whiney email, "Ohhhh booo, why is my C+ a C+??? HOW CAN THIS BE??? [sob]" I deleted it.

Where I did the grading--I need to do a post on how I rearranged this room.  That's Penny and Pearl's fave new perch although typically Penny gets it ...

... causing Pearl to go sulk in the linen closet.

Penny tries to commandeer that spot on a regular basis too for no other reason than because Pearl likes it.


Ok, seriously, somebody just go buy this for me already. It's at Verde near 13th and Sansom.

As a consolation prize for having to give away the gifts that I bought, I let myself wear Leslie's and Mom's Christmas gifts around the house for about a half hour before I wrapped them.

Hold up, Pearl: I thought you said Penny is a "completely annoying jerk" who "always steals" everything that you "like best" and you "hate" her and wish she would "disappear forever"? Or is that only when you're awake?

Christmas Eve

It was on clearance at Kmart.  I didn't.

Ugh, so like I said, school started today and my only consolation prize is that my last day of day classes is APRIL 23--have you EVER heard of such a thing??? Neither have I!  Well, really, by the time grading is done it'll be closer to May 1, but even that is incredibly early.  I would say that school is the worst thing that happened to me this week, but the stomach virus that killed Mon and Tues wins the prize for that.  In comparison, school was vacation.  So I guess it's all relative.  I'm a philosopher ... can I create a syllogism for this?

  1. I don't enjoy starting school.
  2. Stomach viruses make me wish for death.  Really, how bad can death actually be? It's not like death is a virus or we would just call it a virus.  Wait: what if hell exists? What if hell isn't a fiery pit but eternal nausea?  Is there something beyond death to wish for?  Hold up: didn't Sartre write a book on this?
  3. Read Sartre's book.

  1. I don't enjoy starting school.
  2. Stomach viruses make me wish for death. (We will not speculate on what death is like here.)
  3. Thus, I would rather go to school for the rest of my life than EVER get another virus AGAIN.
  4. Did I do this right?
Whatever. I need to go to bed.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in review

oh, let's start with the end
we've gone all the way round
now we're back again.
oh, let's start with the end,
let's start with the end.
                   ~ diego garcia

Charlotte Marie arrived on Dec. 21, 2014

I am--just now--noticing the people in the background ...

I lost mine three weeks later in the SFO airport--still pissed about that.