Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Buon Natale!

Test shot.  Bags under my eyes? What bags under my eyes? Oh the bags under my eyes from standing on my feet all day? Oh, THOSE bags!  Yes, of course. What about them?

Film grain is outta control ... never checked to see what my mom's camera was set at.  Found out days after the fact that it was set at 1600.  Oh well.


Good enough.

Even I was shocked to sign on here and see it's been A MONTH since I've updated anything. I honestly didn't mean for that to happen.  It was a pretty easy semester--a really easy semester, but there were so many loose ends in the two weeks following Thanksgiving.  One student needed a medical incomplete (Note to self: Grade her stuff, like, within in the next week. Already forgot about that); another student was a real sleazeball and didn't do half his/her work and then tried to schmooze his/her way into my good graces during finals week.  GROSS.  SO GROSS!!!! Another student had DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA every frickin week of the semester, culminating in one last push during finals week ... yadda yadda yadda.  That combined with two other part time jobs (one paid, one unpaid) kept me away from the computer all month.  But all is well, the Fluffs are fat, and people will be here for Christmas Eve dinner in less than an hour.

I have so much in my backlog: tons of photos from Philly and Longwood during Christmas season, Thanksgiving (any point to that?), some gorgeous fall foliage from Nov 1 (hahahahaha! Me? behind? NO!) ... all kinds of stuff.  So stick around with me--the blog's not dead, and it turns out neither am I!

Merry Merry!


Linda C said...

These are very grainy... You need to change my camera setting! And, why didn't I ever notice this before today?

Jo Harper said...

YOU can change the camera setting! It's easy--it's under MENU when you're on the [camera] tab.