Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Random stuff around the house

I found a snail in my terrarium ... the same terrarium I finished two months ago but have not posted here. Note to self.  Pretty sure that it's not a good thing to have a snail in your terrarium.

My orchid--which just entered it's big sleep two months ago--is back! Two months early.  I'm really shocked but, of course, pleased.

Last week, my kitchen glowed yellow for several hours because of the reflection of sunlight off of this tree.

I can't believe it's going to be bare in a matter of days.  It took so long for this guy to bud and bloom back in the spring--I feel like it just woke up.

I knew this guy was going to get snowed on last Thursday, and I have no intention of preserving it this winter.  So I took a picture and (miraculously) it's not dead yet despite all this January weather.

Many of the souvenirs I have were not actually purchased in the place they commemorate ... I wish the Cliff House or the Golden Gate Bridge was in the center rather than Fisherman's Wharf.



99% of the time, this is the first face I see every morning.

Oh, Muffin Face.  Why do you think it's ok to take whatever it is that Pearl's enjoying?


Linda C said...

Poor Pearl - she always looks so tense and angry (she really is a sweetie pie). Penny on the other hand has such a soft expression but you can only look, DO NOT TOUCH her!

Jo Harper said...

Pretty much, in a nutshell!