Friday, November 21, 2014

Random cell phone clean out

I bought a cushion for both of them to share this winter.  To say that it offended Pearl is the understatement of the year--she has since flat out rejected it which is fine with Penny who has overtaken it completely.

Our first sorta chilly morning about two months ago--we clearly had no idea what November had in store for us.  Also, it's sorta depressing that my sun-induced blonde highlights show up grey here ...

The best breakfast ever--too bad these are gone from the supermarket.  After a month of caramel apple breakfasts, I still wasn't sick of them.

Ron and I both want to know: How the HELL does a TI-83 still cost the same price in 2014 as it did in 1999??? There is nothing about this that makes ANY sense at all.  Shouldn't they be $45 or $50 by now? Clearly, TI is in bed with every friggin school district in America. I wish I was being sarcastic.

One of the best things about working at a Catholic school is that random saints just pop up out of nowhere. One day, this shelf was empty and the next St. Bernard is there.  I just discovered an entire hallway of Blessed Mothers last week.

We'll see how long these guys last, but they're pretty for now.

Soap with a cat on it? Sure. Why not.

My friend, Katherine, sent me a gift that required dry ice (Williams Sonoma's chocolate croissants--beloved by Oprah herself--if you must know).  Naturally, if you put an engineer in the same room as dry ice, said engineer will play with said dry ice until it finally all evaporates.  Honestly, I don't remember the last time I saw Ron so happy. (Again, I wish I was being sarcastic.)  Katherine had no idea that she was sending both of us a gift.  The Fluffs, however, were not nearly as elated ...

She would not come closer than this ...

They both kept a safe distance and waited for it to be over ...

Put a pumpkin in it!

Can you believe the attitude this kid gives me when I tell her No?

We've had some pretty incredible sunsets this fall.  This was taken back when the sun set after 4:30pm.  Again, the sarcasm (or lack thereof).

From L to R: Pearl, Penny, me.  So I guess we all would fit in a twin size bed (even though we're in a king here ...)

How have I lived in West Chester my whole life and only just gone to Four Dogs for the first time? (Did I mention that they have ample free parking? Ok, I'll stop.)  We went with my friend's family on the same night that happened to be their Halloween party--naturally, we were the only people not dressed up.  The bar was decorated beautifully, and all the doors were open since it had been an unusually warm day.  The air smelled like burning leaves, black sky, and a big yellow moon--my very favorite fragrance (tied for first with Carmel Beach).

Three times in the past month, I have caught Pearl staring into this empty corner of our back bedroom.  She just sits there staring, and when I walk in I clearly startle her.  A part of me wants to know exactly why she's doing this, and another part of me is like, "Jesus, don't tell me. Don't want to know" because it probably means that something is living inside the walls.

A death six months in the making. I accidentally over-watered him in April/May and then proceeded not to water him AT ALL in the ensuing months. I actually think he died from rot due to the over-watering, not the ensuing drought.  Oh well.

I really want to know HOW we ended up on this mailing list: two weeks ago, we received a HUGE, glossy catalogue for a senior living facility in the mail.  I think it was directly addressed to Ron (not to "Resident").  It was an obviously expensive thing to publish and to mail (because it was so heavy!)--the quality of the paper is beyond any typical magazine or catalogue.  So it was very clearly and intentionally sent to people who would most likely be interested in the information--it wasn't just some mass mailing ... hold up, this is just occurring to me as I write this: Is it possible that my Ron received this because he was confused for his dad (who has the same name)?? They get mixed up on official documents all the time--maybe this was supposed to be sent to my in-laws ...?  Anyway, it was really hilarious to get this in the mail.  A part of me feels like showing up in their offices with the catalogue and demanding a tour for myself.

This guy turned 32 at the beginning of the month.

Even though it was a weekend, he still had to go to work, but I think it was a good birthday anyway.  (Any birthday with his mom's meatballs is a good birthday.)

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