Sunday, November 2, 2014

Late October (yes--I know it's November)

Sorry, more Longwood--it's all I have for right now!

Ginkgoes again--they change to bright yellow nearly overnight.

I'm pretty sure this is a Kentucky Coffee Plant ... not sure.

Spice bush--love those black pearls

What's happening lately?
  1. Ron's busiest season is upon us--I see him for approx. 90 min everyday. It's a daily crap shoot whether he is conscious/awake/coherent for those 90 minutes.
  2. The dryer (that Ron has repaired three times in as many years) has Officially Died.  So now I have to sort that out.  Maybe nothing will get dirty this week?  Can't complain--our current washer/dryer came with the house and they have to be 15 years old ... maybe 20?
  3. I did a closet re-fresh with a colleague from work.  We went through her closet and created a ton of new outfits without buying anything new.  So much fun--I love doing stuff like that.  And her house is completely to die for--imagine the most gorgeous 21st century/modern Tuscan villa you've ever seen in a magazine: Bam. There you have it.
  4. Pregnancy portraits with a friend and her husband--need to polish them up and get them posted.
  5. Frantic crocheting of a baby blanket for said pregnant friend.
  6. Bridal shower for my cousin--I think my head is still spinning from that (there were approximately as many guests at this shower as there were at my own wedding ... not really sure how to make sense of that).
  7. I bought a new camera body, but couldn't decide on a lens.  Both of my old lenses work, but I need to just pick a new lens already.  No plans to retire my D50 as long as it still works (above photos taken with the old camera, not the new one).
  8. So much stuff to grade this week [insert anguished emoji here].
  9. I need to go to bed. Now.
  10. Bye.

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