Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cristin and Kane have (i.e., are going to have) a baby

Exactly a year ago, I posted Cristin's family portraits.  (I'm still really pleased with them, but I want to go back and re-edit some of them ... Cristin, call me if you're at all curious about this.)  And now in 2014, I found myself putting Cristin and Kane back on my calendar for a different project:

Yup, what else? They're having a baby--boy? girl? We'll find out Christmas week.

We went to Binky Lee--just like for Steph and Erin--and I learned, definitively, that there is ONE ideal spot for lighting there between 2-4pm in the fall.  Next time, no matter who's with me, we will just walk to that spot and skip the rest and we won't waste any time with the tricky lighting that exists elsewhere.

At one point Cristin mutters to me, "Don't ask him to do the hand-heart thingy--he won't do it."  I laughed--fine with me!

Cristin's shower followed two weekends after this--naturally, I had known about her pregnancy for months but that didn't stop me from completing her baby blanket at the last minute.

I barely had the thing unrolled and Pearl had bedded down on top of it, so I guess it has the Fluff seal of approval ... which was promptly washed off after pictures were done.

I think this is the last hexagon I'll do for awhile.  Cristin's preferred neutral is green, and I actually paired it with a warm beige that I had on hand (Vanna's Choice in Oatmeal; the green is Bernat Softee Baby in Soft Fern).

Finally, I chose to do the edging in white with the picot.

This little girl accompanied her mom to Cristin's shower--how great is that dress?

Where's my step stool? Alas, not with me ...

Can we talk about this outfit? Oh: yes.

When you're this cute, you can sucker every adult on the deck into swinging you around and around for the fun of it.

Cristin has less than a month to go at this point--I'm so bad at guessing "boy" or "girl," and my track record for guessing proves it.  Wishing you two the best of everything ... : )


Steph said...

What great pictures!

Sean Kane said...

Love them all!!!

Cristin Kane said...

Oops that was Cristin commenting on Sean's email :-)

Jo Harper said...

Sean Kane looks at my blog??!!! Congrats on Charlotte Marie, you two ; )