Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Philly on a Monday

I want the teal one.

Or this one.

Goorwin Bros--14th and Walnut

Yarn shop near 10th and Pine

I want that popcorn stitch dress.  I could make that popcorn stitch dress.  And I want one of the hats to go with it.

Love those shadows.

Really cool espalier--this may or may not be in my Mother's Day pictures?

I knew my camera wouldn't get the light and the trees and the breeze, but I took these anyway.

Close--not quite.

Walking toward Washington Square from Independence Park

Detour: lobby of the Curtis Center to see the "Dream Garden" Tiffany mosaic.  When I was a senior in college, I took my GREs in the basement of this building.  It was fall, I took the train downtown after my classes that day, and when I saw this in the lobby of the building I remember thinking, "How have I lived here my whole life and NOT known about the existence of this artwork??"  And then I found the dingy dungeon of a basement and spent three hours remembering how much middle school math I can't understand.

My cousin is having her wedding reception here next spring, and the cocktail hour will take place in this room.  Pretty cool.

A whole wall that looks as if it's made of jewelry? Sign me up.

This would make great fabric.

Talula's Daily ... yup, KSq Talula--I had a mini pumpkin muffin and deep fried croissant.  Sadly/fortunately, it's not a whole croissant--just a portion.  A deep fried croissant rolled in loads of cinnamon sugar?  So good, I bought one to take home and ate it the next morning.

I'm guessing those Art Deco wall grates are for heat?

This store front never gets old.
Ron wanted to go back to Zavino for dinner. It was early so we took advantage of happy hour. I only wanted the Rosa pizza, but Ron ordered the special pizza (bacon and corn--yeah ... me neither).  And we split one of their tiny plates of ravioli for an appetizer.

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