Monday, October 20, 2014

One year anniversary/sister weekend

A year ago this weekend, Leslie officially passed the bar exam on the first try.  I'd been bugging her for a month that we should celebrate with an "anniversary" dinner, but she wasn't sure if she was even going to be in town.  I made sure I had the day off anyway--I ended up spending the first half of the day at Longwood with my mom, and then she dropped me off at the train station to meet Leslie for dinner.

We decided to go to El Rey again which was as busy and crowded as I remember.  Leslie commented that it was almost the end of the day before she realized that a fresh list of names had been released with (from what she could tell) little fanfare or suicide threats in her corner of the building.  So somewhere out there, thousands of people had just received their results and the earth was still spinning--good for us (... and hopefully for all of them too?).

Anyway, nachos and margaritas at El Rey were followed by gelato at Capogiro.  And finally from there it was off to bed because we (mostly, she) were freakin tired.

Someone had to do the ironing ... may as well be me.

Leslie signed up for Blue Apron about a month ago--each week, you get a food delivery with the exact amounts of every ingredient you need for three different meals.  She sent me home with a tilapia dinner a few weeks ago (she had already defrosted the fish and had to go on a business trip)--it was amazing.  Her delivery for the week arrived in the morning while I was ironing and she was shoving laundry into the washing machine.

We headed out for a late brunch.  The original plan was Pub & Kitchen but the wait was pretty long so we moved on.

That's the clutch I bought her in Rome.  It was warm for October, but we weren't complaining.

Gingko trees--the smell of vomit berries wasn't overwhelming, but it was there.

We passed this place and they had a table right in the (open) front window, so we grabbed it.

You can actually read this one--Leslie ordered the chicken and waffles and I had the brisket grilled cheese.  The fried chicken on her plate was so crispy-fatty-fried.  Totally to die for.

Bloody Mary for Leslie ...

... basil mimosa for me

Sam hands--I actually got to be in Leslie's brunch photo this weekend rather than dying from jealousy 45 minutes away.  See that chicken?  And brisket on a grilled cheese is a REALLY good idea.

This door ...

... is next to this door on South Street. We had to run to the super market for Leslie to grab a few random things.  And then it looked like we were going to have to literally run back with the groceries to make our train (which we missed anyway even though we Uber-ed it back to her place).

With an extra half hour to kill, we bought cookies for momma at Famous 4ths on the way to the train station.  It was cornbread and chili night at her house with our grandparents.  It was a great night--my grandmother regaled us with four hours of inappropriate stories and finally I gave up and had to go home to bed.  She was on a roll though and (apparently) didn't go to bed until 3am.

Leslie ran all of her suburban errands the next day and I went back to the city with her since someone had to help her carry it all.  As a reward, Leslie made one of her new Blue Apron meals: fish tacos.  It included the best salad ever: red cabbage, red onion, and lime juice.  I could've eaten the whole bowl of it--who would've thought that that would be so good??

While Leslie cooked, I reupholstered her kitchen chairs with fabric she bought earlier in the day. A few weeks ago, she was cooking and the smoke detector went off because her oven is weird--without thinking, she set a hot pot on her chair and ... well, that was the end of the fabric on the chair.  (I'm not supposed to show this picture, but Leslie doesn't know that ALL of us have done something like this.  I mostly just drop breakable stuff and shatter it.)

Don't worry, that little raggedy piece hanging off the bottom has since been removed.

Both chairs recovered and fish tacos consumed (they were amazing) ... I picked up 9:45 train and made it home by 11:30pm.  Such a great weekend--thank you, Leslie, and happy anniversary!

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Linda C said...

Oh Leslie - you have had those wonderful eyelashes from the moment you were born! Great job recovering the chairs. I think they look even better now.