Friday, September 26, 2014

Megan's getting married

It's been two years since celebrating my friend Sarah's bridal shower and wedding (how is that possible??), and now it's her twin sister's turn.  Last weekend was carved out just for Megan with a bridal shower on Saturday and a bachelorette day on Sunday.  We lucked out with gorgeous weather, and Katie (their little sister and honorary triplet) and Sarah's eye for details made both events magic.

Most of these pictures (all of the shower pictures) were taken by Katie.  I took some pictures on the following day; photos without a watermark are Katie's (because she deserves credit) and photos with a watermark are mine.

Since the wedding is taking place at a beach locale next month, the details were all navy, white, and lavender and reflected a nautical theme.

I had the field greens with apple and walnuts (the French onion soup looked really tempting though), gulf shrimp over risotto, and the creme brulee ... amazing.

I saw these faces everyday of my life for years and years. And then everything changed and now I only see some of them once or twice a year.

"Can you guys TRY acting natural??"--Katie

I really like how these friends throw very small, intimate showers.  For both Megan and Sarah, all of the guests fit around one table and the groom always shows up to help open presents.

Ama picked out the apron--we bought All-Clad measuring cups and spoons and potholders to go with it.

Everyone took their normal places: Ama keeping track of thank-yous and Erin worked on the ribbon bouquet.

I'm going to copy and paste a caption from the post on Sarah's shower: "I dare you not to mix them up: Katie, Megan, Sarah.  Of course, they look completely different to me, and it totally cracks me up when people can't tell them apart.  Like Ron. Ron CANNOT tell them apart.  He just fakes it til he makes it in conversation with them.  Megan and Sarah: You should play tricks on him in the future."

"The five of us did everything together. You know how everyone talks about middle school and high school? 'Oh, it's so awful: The girls are so catty and the boys are such animals. What an awful time.'  I can't relate.  In our little bubble, the potential worst of these years just slid right by us.  People left us alone because we were nice.  You need someone to talk to in math class because you don't know anyone? Go sit with Erin--she'll be nice to you.  You need someone to team up with in gym class? Go over with Megan--she'll team up with you.  You're scared to try out for the musical?  Show up with Ama--she'll give you a pep talk.  You forgot your vocab flash cards?  Go study with Sarah--she'll share.  You need a laugh?  Go sit with Yours Truly--she'll bitch and moan for thirty minutes about math class, the musical, vocab tests, and the stupid pointlessness of gym class.  I don't care what anybody does or does not remember from those years: We were the nice girls."

The next morning, we met at the bride's parents' home and piled into a limo (wahoo!) to get started on a day of yoga and wine tasting at the area's vineyards.  It was just the five of us and Katie too--at one point during the day, I realized that we were living our own version of the movie Now and Then (which I remember watching at Erin's during a random sleepover in middle school ... don't think I've seen it since then).  All of us are exactly the same and yet completely different from who we were twenty years ago.  I remember watching that movie and thinking, "ugh, it will be forever before we're that grown up--being a kid is taking forever."  Forever goes by pretty fast.

We started the day at Penn's Woods Winery and did a yoga class outdoors near the vines.  I loved it and tried not to be too disappointed by how sore I was the next day.

When I initially saw this picture I was like, "JESUS do I look that short ALL THE TIME????"  Look at my pants: the proportion is totally different on me. THAT'S why I look so short.  (My mom is going, "No, you look short because you're short.")

After yoga, we sat outside for a tasting which included some snacky stuff--those crackers were amazing.  So was the moscato.

From here, we moved on to Galer--love this place:

Slightest tint of yellow to the vines since my birthday ...

I took the lazy way out and went with the pre-selected tasting menu (the 2011 Cabernet Franc was my fave)--everyone else picked out their four pours.  Judging by the looks on their faces here, you would think that they're studying for a serious exam.

Love Erin's rings--all of the stones once belonged to her grandmothers.

We just talked and talked and talked, and finally Katie got us moving back to the limo so we could go to our last stop at Chadds Ford Winery:

We found a shady spot--the music was great on this particular day. I ordered the spiced apple wine, but it was disappointingly sweet.  I wish I had gone for the sangria.

I was seriously sad when the day was over and we had to go before the limo turned back into a pumpkin.  What a great day--like high school study hall never quite ended and got 1000% better because it included yoga and wine outside of a grimy cafeteria.

I wish I could say that wedding pictures will be posted soon, but I can't make it Megan's wedding and I'm pretty crushed about it.  Sarah's wedding was intimate and beautiful and I know Megan's will be too--already suffering serious FOMO over this, especially after such a fun weekend in preparation for the big day.

Megan, I hope everything goes perfectly for you on your day.  Take it all in and enjoy all the details--don't stress over stuff.  Just have fun.

It's a long story.  Don't worry Sarah and Ama: like, literally, the only people who read this blog are my mom and Erin's mom.  Seriously.

Thank you Katie and Sarah for planning such a fabulous weekend for all of us to enjoy, and thank you Ladies for being my friends for 20+ years now--my life would be so sad without all of you.


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That's not true! I read it :)

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Nothing quite like school friends. Sending wishes for a wonderful wedding day to Megan.

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