Friday, September 5, 2014

iPhone clean out

Ama sent me this photo of the Philly skyline when I was in California--I'm thinking she was on the South Street bridge?

There are six other chairs for them to sit on.  Six.  (You know I love it, though.)

When the Cana bloom, it means summer's nearly over.

Pearl thinks she's so smart: She hid directly under the center of my king size bed when the groomer showed up for her second fluff cut of the season--I couldn't reach her.  But he came back two days later, and I grabbed her before she could run from him.  I don't care what she says: She enjoys not wearing a winter coat in August.

I've never hired these people, but I love the birdy on their truck.

My grandmother still has the white baby cape my grandmother made for me, and my grandmother still has the pattern for it: $0.77 at Kmart thirty years ago. I'm making one in pink for a friend of a friend.  Also, this mom could totally fit in today: the bangs, the mascara, the nude lip.  It's funny: "thin" in 1980 looks totally different than "thin" in 2014.  Like Gywneth Paltrow: she's thin. But she's built nothing like this lady who's also thin.  There's a big difference between 21st century work-out thin and 1980s cigarettes and cabbage and/or grapefruit diet thin.

Something is drilling holes down the center of my peony branches. I have no idea what it is, and my peony is looking weak.  I have a feeling that this is not good ...

Dinner for me and my mom a few weeks ago.  The peaches look pretty, but they tasted awful. And the pesticides made my mouth itch.

Love this little guy.

Forget the beans--I want the tablecloth.

Great cocktail: 1/3 flavored Pellegrino (this is blood orange), 2/3 unflavored seltzer, and a shot of vodka.  Perfection.

Yet another power outtage at 7pm on a Sunday night.  Luckily, the sun was still up (not the case in Feb) and the outtage only lasted three hours. In the words of my friend Jess, "This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S."  Well said.

Found the perfect fabric to make Leslie a bunting for her deck.  My mom later saw the same fabric covering the bench seats at the local Peace A Pizza.

I wasn't allowed to join the pool this summer, but I bought two guest passes and showed up with Jane in August.  I was grateful for the two days I had, but it also made me really sad. I love that pool and I miss seeing all the old ladies throughout the week.  I feel worse that it's so hard for them to hang out together.

Thank God I had this place when I did. Four summers ain't bad.  It's an awful feeling for it to sit right there, though, and to be told I'm not allowed in.  Lucy--who was also kicked out--said, "Well you know, it's just another chapter that's over."  She's also the same person who said, "Jane: Eat all the ice cream you want because you're gonna be dead a looooong tiiiiiime."


"Jeff, get Utley off Ron: Utley's taking him to candy shop.  Sorry, Ron"--Steph.  Trust me, Ron doesn't care.

I bought myself a frozen pizza and a coconut cream pie for dinner two Saturdays ago--Ron got called into work in the middle of the day.  The pie looked really pretty ... but it turned out to be a big fat disappointment. Totally tasted fake and gross. 

Bless her Virgo heart: I knew she would love that tiara.  My mom bought me the same exact one with a matching sequined star wand when I was five from the Lillian Vernon catalogue.  I found Lill's for $1 at JoAnn Fabric.

My grandmother puts stickers on everything she mails--EVERYTHING.  Usually I get cats and kittens, but this year I received a birthday cactus. Very appropriate given my obsession with all things cacti/succulents during and after California.

I woke up to this mess on my deck on my birthday: New roof.  Happy it all went well, but it created the biggest mess and my furniture is still not back in place.

Lillian turned 2--I want that tutu.  Also, she gave away tiaras in her goody bags.  Reese let me wear hers, but I had to give it back.

There's something to be said for blur.

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