Thursday, September 18, 2014

Birthday: After the Fact

So lucky: My birthday fell on a Friday this year, and for the first time since 2007 I don't teach on Fridays.

We repeated last year and went back to Galer.  Ron put together a basket of snacky stuff and we bought a bottle of rose' and grabbed a table on the porch.

I wanted to pretend I was in California so, duh, I wore the hat.





The blur is fitting.

We met my parents across the street at Longwood for dinner at 1906.

This is the chocolate flower pot dessert--all of it is edible.  I can testify that this is indeed true.

It's a shame Longwood isn't open at night more often during non-Christmas season--they were open pretty late most Fridays this summer.

Grainy cellphone shots.

Using whatever impromptu tripod I can.

Looking into the Mediterranean Room

Leslie threw me a party the following night at her apartment--we had perfect weather to be out on the deck and she kept the dessert and champagne cocktails flowing.  This is the ONLY photo from the whole night--thank you, Molly! 

And then on the third day of birthday weekend, we had dinner at my in-laws: Mexican food and margaritas ... and this backyard and this sunset.

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