Thursday, August 7, 2014

California 2014: Chinatown, Pier 39, Ferry Terminal, North Beach

We continued the tradition of traveling to California every other year by spending last week--you guessed it--in California.  Back in the spring, we were on the fence about going; but then my sister pointed out that she had a wedding in Sonoma the weekend we would've been there anyway, so we figured Why Not? and tried to get our schedules to cross over with Leslie's.

It's official: I will never get tired of this place.  Especially wine country.

We landed last Tuesday at 11am and had the whole day ahead of us.  Since we were staying right off Union Square, we walked through Chinatown, North Beach, Fisherman's Wharf, down the Embarcadero to the Ferry Terminal, back to North Beach, and then back through Chinatown to Union Square. Touristy, easy, no big deal.

If you throw a rock in SF, you will hit this same exact scene.

"Ok let me get this straight: You were trying to open the window while holding an ice cream cone and wearing your fave trapeze dress, and then a duck came up behind you and scared you, and then you dropped the ice cream cone? AND you lost ALL your hair too??"

I swear you can hear ten different foreign languages at any given moment standing in this spot. It's so cool.

I bought two mini Golden Gate Bridges on this trip and, like, five postcards because I'm  obsessed.

I have no idea why this dress was for sale in a cheap jewelry store on Fisherman's Wharf, but whatevs.

Miette ("crumb") bakery in the Ferry Terminal. I bought two macarons (rose geranium and vanilla) and ate them on the spot. Rose geranium was great--vanilla, even better.

Heath Ceramics

Sometimes I forget that the Ferry Terminal actually has ferries.

Everyone talks about how foggy SF is ... I have no idea what they're talking about.  It's always like this when we're there.

We walked by the Transamerica Pyramid for the first time on the way back to North Beach.

Did you know that triangles are the most structurally sound shape in architecture? Thank you, LEEP.

I literally did a double-take at this--very confusing.

Back up to North Beach. Crushed to discover that my fave jewelry store, Adorna Bella (where I bought my ginormous turquoise ring on my honeymoon), closed a few months earlier.

North Beach is the Italian part of town.

This place mimics the flags painted on the poles--they literally couldn't seat us back in 2012 (because we were there too early). Finally got a table this time.

So pleased with himself.

Olives are my fave, and I never had anchovies before. Verdict? The crust was AMAZING and so was the sauce. I still love olives, and it turns out that I like anchovies.  Just not with olives ... too salty.

Back through Chinatown to get home ...

Wait for it ...


There it is

I never get tired of the lanterns.

Love turquoise and red.

Very long day and still mentally on East Coast time ...

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