Sunday, August 24, 2014


We've had one gorgeous weekend after another this summer.  I took these on two separate Fridays this month (8.08 and 8.15) between 4pm and 7pm--in the first batch, I only had my point and shoot (only to remember later that my SLR was sitting in my trunk from the other day ... oh well), and the second batch is both point and shoot and SLR.


I'm having a moment with black plants (like those giant succulents in the SF Botanical Garden that looked like black roses).  How cool is this plant? The top of the leaf is green and the underside is black; it produces skinny purple blooms.

"Plectranthus--Mona Lavender"

I'm going back for one of these succulent dish gardens ... and then praying I don't snap off all the growth getting it in and out of my car ...

Valentine 2015 inspiration?

California on my mind--can't get away from the succulents.

Blue and pink hydrangea did really, really poorly this year. I've heard the ice from the winter is to blame. White and green have done much better.

Caladium--my mom has told me the name of this plant 1,000 times, and I never remember it because I just call it "watermelon plant."  If you plant this expecting actual watermelons, you will be disappointed.

I've been wearing a lot of winter nail polish this summer. This zinnia would like me to reconsider.  (Yes, I do my nails myself.  I don't pay for manicures--Linda taught me better than that!)

Not bad for a point and shoot.

I have a lot of mixed emotions about Canna--they're biggest and fullest the week of my birthday, which is also the week I go back to school. When I see them like this, my stomach does this weird flip: "ooooobirthdaytimeuuuuggghhhhhIhateschool."

We want to know the names of these tall rectangle trees in the Idea Garden ... this space is new. I hope they keep it around for a while.

Blurry figgy wiggies (California)

Loving the black elephant ears (Colocasia)

The show up as every other color except black in pictures (makes sense I guess).

Limelight hydrangea


I love this time of day. Swimming is best this time of day; so is the beach.


Obsessed with the Silver Garden post-California

I always wondered what these were called; also didn't think about them flowering.

I need a bench like this built into my hypothetical pool.


I once heard a woman say, "oooo they look like ear bobs!" in regard to a fuschia plant.  I was like, "Has anybody said 'ear bobs' since 1904?"  She had an accent so I'll let it go.  I would love to go around saying "ear bobs," but I don't think anyone would let me get away with it.

See? To my eye, they look black.  They show up red, however.  This is my FAVORITE color nail polish, hands down.  I use Vixen by Revlon.

I really had trouble focusing on these, but I liked them because they're black.

The petunias show up purple rather than red--I think I like the red-blacks better.  When I was in third grade, my mom bought me a bookmark at Hallmark that was made of brass and was curved like a mini shepherd's staff. On the hooked end of the book mark, you could pick whatever design you wanted: flowers, animals, whatever. They were in a cup on the counter--very pretty.  They had one with a black rose and I was obsessed with it--the first book I used it in was Matilda.  I had it a few years, and then one day it was gone.  I still wish I had it--I think that's why I like all of these plants.

That's the Idea Garden in the distance.

They have signs in the Visitor's Center advertising, "Autumn's Colors--Sept 6!"  It makes me cringe.  Still traumatized by last winter, I just can't even ponder autumn right now.  But, a lot of the people I talk to can't either and that makes me feel like less of a weirdo.

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