Friday, August 29, 2014

31 on the 29th

Not pleased. Not pleased at all.  Two weeks late because if I can put something off--especially something scary--then I will.  My right eye is still scrunched from the forceps (because why make the passage into a different phase of life easy when you can just make it harder?).  You can see it in most photos of me.  Also, most of these pictures are scanned hence horrendous white balance.

This scanned really poorly ... I would still wear that shirt today though (I think I have one just like it upstairs ...)

The seed is planted for my addiction to graduations.

3rd grade
5th grade-ish

6th grade
Hint: never use this camera angle. Ever.  Danielle clearly didn't know any better, but let's face it: I didn't think to stop her.

In my glory--6th or 7th grade. Can't tell if that's Megan or Sarah behind me.

Wow.  So ... yeah.

Going into 9th grade--I cut out Erin on the left so she wouldn't freak over an unapproved middle/high school photo (even though she looks fine in it).

Self Portrait for Photo II--11th grade; the water spots on the chair (leftover from the film development) still makes my face twitch when I see it; I'm pretty sure the final copy--at my mom's house--has the left collar burned in better.  My arms aren't burned in quite right.

On our way out--the week before graduation, 12th grade.

Junior year of college--that was a great year, still my favorite; also you can see the scrunched eye here.

First semester of grad school; Leslie did my makeup.
Visiting Ron in DC during the WORST semester of my life.
Penny, 2009

Dec 2013

Dec 2013

Thirty was a weird year--easy in most ways and yet hard in a bunch of really unexpected and torturous ways.  Overall not a bad year, but not my favorite.  I already think thirty-one is off to a better start, but I'll let you know in twelve months if I'm right.

Navigating my way through the airport that is life ...


Linda C said...

You were/are adorable! Sending wishes that 31 is your best year ever!

cat lady, esq. said...

lol "so yeah" comment

That photo of you and je Pen is the best