Thursday, July 24, 2014

What I did in July

This first group of Philly pix are, I think, from that day when I refused to bring my camera to spite myself after the Septa strike, etc.

Go to this store.

I have not been swimming once in my gorgeous, glorious pool with the 11ft deep end that I usually have all to myself.  Apparently, a bunch of jerk lawyers who represent the insurance company which covers the pool decided to make my life miserable and give the pool an ultimatum: Ban non-residents from joining or pay a gajillion dollars in upgrades to make the pool extra safe and ADA compatible.  The news left me so numb that I never even cried.  So that's it! No more pool.  Relive the glory days here.  Honestly though, the saddest part is that most of the pool ladies (there are, like, 10 to 15 of them) are NOT residents. Only two or three of them are--the rest (used to) join as non-residents.  So now they can't hang out everyday together at the pool any more. I can't think about it too much--it's sad.
I think I want to buy one of these.  Then again, I don't cook.  So ...

I want this for my birthday. ONE HUNDRED PIECES OF CANDY IN ONE BOX. I would immediately go through and throw away the Roman nougats, anything cherry or orange flavored, and most likely anything maple flavored too. That would leave me with about 50 pieces, but as long as I get all the coconuts, caramels, vanilla cremes, and marshmallows, I'm good.  I kept Jaclyn Smith's head in the photo for scale. This is at Kmart. Duh. Where else would it be?

#nofilter--that pink is for real.
I've become totally schizo about power outages.  Two weeks ago, this came along and I joked, "Well, as long as the power doesn't go out."

Five minutes later, it went out. And stayed out.  The sheets stuck to us all night in 100% humidity and no AC.  Initially, PECO was all like, "Oh, let's say noon--today." I went out for a run and came back, and a neighbor said, "ummm, I heard it'll be back in three days,"  I laughed.  Three days?? yeah, sure. Whatever, lady.  What does this look like to you? An ice storm in February??? [relive the nightmare here] BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

ha. haha. ha.  Three days.  Ok, so it turned out to be a SOLID 24 hours, but it SUCKED ASS--to quote my friend Jesse--and PECO was serious: "Buckle down for three days, kid, because we are making NO PROMISES."  And some people did go that long. It was like 90 degrees and completely gross out, BUT I could go outside, go for a run, and take a lukewarm shower and it was no biggie (can't do any of that in the ice in February). Downside: everything in the fridge got thrown away rather than tossed out on the zero-degree back deck for later.  Trade-offs.

We have DONE our turn without power for this frickin decade. It's SOMEONE ELSE'S turn the next two times!

My car rolled 100k. On Paoli Pike. Where else would I be?  My dash is filthy. Don't judge me.

Leslie and I had the funnest Saturday ever two weeks ago. We went shoe shopping at the center city Macy's (a total zoo--I don't really recommend it), and then we spent nearly two hours in the "pajama" department, and then we sat on this rooftop at Mamou (above Verde and Barbuzzo, etc., near 13th and Sansom) and had cocktails and a cheese and veggie plate and gumbo. It was awesome.  We talked and talked and talked.

Not the first time I've posted that fire escape.

I like the green mildew at the top.

They don't bother with details like that anymore.

We should ask Louise about this place--how much you wanna bet she stopped in this place when it was still in business?

We walked by this jewelry store on Rittenhouse and I had to buy that evil eye bracelet. The one I've worn for the past two years finally broke.  Leslie liked mine (the blue one) so much she bought one too.  Eventually, Leslie's friends all made it over and we had drinks on her rooftop deck.  I ran for the train home eventually--Leslie and her friends went out.

New furniture on the deck--I need better pictures of it.

Why sit on a new chair when you can sit on me?

Definitely up to NO good ...

So, I happily volunteered to care for a friend's pool for a month given the whole situation above. The directions are so simple and I followed ALL OF THEM ... and the pool turned neon four days after they leave.  The pool owner swears that this can't possibly be my fault and that the pool people will come out to fix it. As of yesterday, the pool was neon green.

Some nights it looks like this out back.

And other nights it looks like this.

And that's it. That's July.

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