Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer day downtown

Love the detailing above these windows

And the grapes and Art Deco window arch below? Perfection.  Enormous dead tree out front? Less so.

 Back at the end of January, mom and I went downtown with our friend Eileen so she could see Leslie's apartment and to enjoy the city.  Five months later, we repeated our performance (no polar vortex, ice storm, power outages, etc., in June fortunately).  We had lunch at Garces Trading Co. (I'll never get tired of that place) and then just wandered a little bit.

No windshield? No problem.

We ended up walking down my friend Amalie's street ... the only thing is that she hasn't moved in yet, so we stood outside of her door and admired her place and talked loudly about how much we like it even though the previous tenants were clearly in the midst of moving out.

All of these are from Amalie's street, but I was being lazy and not really checking my settings and some of them blurred. All I had to do was bump up my ISO, but I just didn't feel like it--"eh, they won't blur"--and then they blurred.

I like that little star.
 And that's Amalie's street.

(And yes, Amalie, when I said your name to Eileen, she said, "Umm Aim-a ... who?" because of course she thought I mispronounced "Emily," but we both know I didn't.)

This guy doesn't look nearly as scary when you catch him blinking.  He went sorta ballistic on us through the window.

And two weekends prior, Ron and I spent the day downtown. We SHOULD'VE spent the whole weekend downtown--Leslie was away in Chicago, but Ron got delayed 24 hours flying home from godforsaken St. Louis (St. Louis! please), and THEN friggin Septa went on a goddamn Regional Rail strike and only went back to work because literally President Obama told them they had to.  God, I hate you Septa. You're always ruining something.  But by then the damage was done, and I missed a whole day of gorgeous Saturdayness sitting in West Chester waiting for Ron's goddamn airplane to get in a whole day after the fact.  (Yeah, still pissed about this. I have problems.)  Anyway, I have pictures from that too.


Wait: no, I don't because I was so mad about the stupid airplane and the stupid trains and the stupid stupidness of all of it that I purposely left my camera at home because I didn't want to record any of it.

I'm literally just remembering this as I confusedly search through my photo archives.  I have some stuff on my phone, but I'm too lazy to transfer it from there to here.

Um, so nevermind?


But anyway, we're setting another date with Eileen to go back in the fall, so I'll have more (hopefully, better) pictures then.

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