Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July at Leslie's

On Friday, we headed downtown because why wouldn't we head downtown when it's Fourth of July and my sister has a rooftop deck with a party on top?

That being said, the day had a welcome slow start ...

We arrived at Leslie's later in the day, and she was busy pulling details together and just needed to left alone in the Zone.

So Ron and I walked down to Mixto for dinner (watch out--link plays music).  There was a rowdy LOUD crowd upstairs watching the World Cup (everyone in the place was rooting for Columbia), and we sat downstairs in the big open windows and enjoyed the breeze as if we were on the sidewalk.

I had the vegetarian paella and accidentally got blitzed on one margarita (so pathetic ... I guess the good news is that I don't drink too much wine? Clearly, most fifteen year olds would've been in better shape than me).

It's worth noting how cool it was this particular Fourth of July--I don't think it even broke 80 degrees.  EVERY 4th of July of my entire life has been 95 degrees with 100% humidity. I actually wore JEANS last Friday.  I don't think I've ever worn pants in July ... ever?

Friends started making their way up ...
... and Ron helped Leslie light the sparklers ...

I just worked the tripod.

... and then they all fizzled.

The big question of the night was: "Will we be able to see the Art Museum fireworks from the deck??"


Grande Finale

The fireworks were over at 11:15, and Ron and I were racing for the 12:26 train less than an hour later. By some miracle (i.e., the train was 2 minutes late) we made it ... and it took over an HOUR to get back to our car (it should've taken 45 minutes).  While it was really crowded, it was by no means awful. We collapsed into bed at 230am.  Leslie came home the next day, and we had a 'burbs BBQ at my mom's.  Leslie and Ron played with Leslie's new iPad all night, and then Ron left to pick up his parents at the airport after midnight--another 2am night, but tomorrow is back to reality ...

Hoping for a repeat performance at Leslie's next year ... ; )

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