Monday, June 9, 2014

All the kids I know turn(ed) one

The entire post is so stupidly overdue it's pointless.  But I have nothing else to post, so here goes:

Back in JANUARY (ie, 5.5 months ago), Erin's twins turned one and naturally there was a party to mark the milestone. Erin put a ton of effort into all the little details and none of it received any recognition here which is sort of appalling given that I am her best friend.

I made two ponchos for Anna and Ellie--the same one I made for Lillian back in August.  Since Valentine's Day was two weeks away, I picked out a glittery heart onesie for both and each received a cardi too.

Lion Brand Homespun yarn in Quartz

I wanted this so badly for myself.  Two weeks later, I saw the EXACT same thing (a T, not a onesie) by French Connection at Marshall's, but it was $30 so I said forget it.  Stingy bastard that I am, I won't pay more than $17 for a cotton T.  No thanks. But I was tempted.

omigod I want this cardigan for MEEEEE!!!  Oh well. It hasn't turned up at Marshall's in adult sizes (yet ... Everything I want shows up at Marshall's eventually. Everything).

Love this yarn--Lion Brand Homespun in Tudor

Glittery buttons? sign me up.

Kitty/birdy tags for the kitty sweater ...

... polka dot tags to match the party's polka dot theme for the deery sweater.

I forget who did the cake ... I think a local baker Erin knows through her mother-in-law.

Love the polka-dot theme.

Yup, Erin MADE the dot candy.  If you didn't grow up with Erin, well ... here you go.  True Erin in all her DIY glory : )  This is Erin in a nutshell. I don't know what "nutshell" picture Erin would pick for me. I have a few guesses ...

If you have a good eye, you know that the coolest thing about this photo is all the movement in Erin's hair.


Ellie ate that cupcake so fast that she put ME to shame.  Nobody eats cake like me except for, well, Ellie.  She's not my goddaughter for nothin.

Again, the hair. My hair has never done that.  Unless you count "wind blown" which we all know is not glamorous at all. (Sorry Tom, I had to post this because any photo of hair this good trumps awkward eyes-half-closed.  You understand.)

Sorry Anna, I know you're really tired, but I like this one of your mom.

It goes without saying that the girls have changed so much since the end of January.  Both of them have tons of hair on their heads (Ellie's is super super curly) and both are incredibly mobile--practically adults in comparison to January.  Except they can't use a bathroom or tie their shoes, but other than that: adults.

Next up was Reese's birthday on Easter weekend (a special holiday/bday crossover perk I noted to Reese last year).  I made a poncho for her too and made it pretty large since she won't be wearing it for 6-8 months (I guess? I have no clue how baby clothes work. I just figured out women's clothes a few years ago).

So big it's dripping off the hanger.  Hopefully it'll fit properly at some point.

Every thing I've ever made has been napped on at some point. Don't worry, it all gets washed afterward.

For some reason, I really loved this jacket so I bought this for Reese too.

I found a plate and bowl set at Target too. They didn't have the sippy cup at the time (Laurie says that Leah thinks the sippy cup is great), but they've gotten them in stock since and I think I should buy it.

Jess did an Easter theme for the invites and the party, so I punched out the tags from the invite.

I had already bought a kitty bag, so the bunny theme didn't carry all the way through. I had a hard time parting with this bag because I operate on the maturity level of a four year old.

I didn't take a single picture at the party--sorry. There were a ton of details too.  The favors were outta control and totally delish (I think I featured the Easter s'mores here?).  I didn't even take a single picture of Reese, so this is the part where I cheat and show pictures of Reese from two weeks after the fact at Marshall's first birthday party:

Finally, we had Marshall's first birthday. Problem: Marshall's a boy, and the last time I checked boys don't wear crochet ponchos.  What to do, what to do?

Back in January, my mom sent me a Pinterest link for a crochet sock monkey hat.  I finished most of it in advance of the party, but (naturally) spent hours sprawled out on the family room floor finishing it the night before to get the details just right:

It looks difficult, but it's not.  It was super easy to do and worked up really fast.  Pattern is here.

Marshall also received some "china" ...

I also punched a tag from Marshall's invite--the French puppy sticker on the right tag randomly matched the bag I had picked out weeks prior ...

Marshall's real life puppy at home, Penny, is a basset hound--not a dachshund--but hey, close enough.

A few days before Easter, I did one-year photos of Marshall for Molly at Longwood--my friend Laurie should've handled these. I did my best and was really grateful for my flash--the lighting was really difficult.  Marshall was a team player for a solid 90 minutes before he lost all patience with me.



No flash


Molly's faux Pendleton sweater coat is from (drumroll) Target.  In other words, she did not pay $300 for it. Smart girl.

No flash

Molly picked a nearby park for Marshall's party--they had great weather. So did Reese, come to think of it. (All I remember about Anna and Ellie's party is that it got dark really early and did not snow.)

It's a shame I posted these all so late, but better late than never I guess? Happy birthday, kids (and to all your exhausted parents too!)

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