Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Belated Mother's Day in Philly

My mom and I were supposed to go hang out with Leslie the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend, but the weather turned out to be craptastic so Leslie came home and did her marathon of "Stuff I have to buy in the suburbs because A) everything is too expensive in the city and B) everything is sold in smaller bottles AND more expensive in the city and C) where the hell am I going to buy bushes for my deck in the city?" shopping.

Babysitting Leslie's bushes in my mom's car in the parking lot of the Home Depot.

The next day, my dad drove Leslie and me into the city and we (ie, not dad) carried the following things up to Leslie's fourth floor walk-up:
  • One outdoor 8'x10' area rug
  • Two shrubs
  • One rose bush
  • One small outdoor end table
  • At least ten Target shopping bags that contained everything from sunscreen to yogurt
  • And then I forgot my purse up there and I had to run up one more time to get it before we drove home
I had already run five miles that morning, and then I went home and walked five more miles with my mom because it was Mother's Day and I wasn't going to let her workout by herself.  (Afterward, I fell asleep on my mom's couch and she made me a burger for dinner. Happy Mother's Day!)

My thighs hurt so bad for the next three days that I wanted to (sorta) die.  It wasn't as bad as the time when I couldn't climb the stairs to astronomy class after doing The Firm (true story). (Mom knows what I'm talking about.)

Anyway, we postponed our Philly plans to the next weekend and the weather WAS AWESOME. Like, "HOLY CRAP IT FEELS LIKE CALIFORNIA!!! I COULD DO A FIFTY YARD DASH AND I WOULDN'T BREAK A SWEAT YET IT'S NOT COLD OUT!!" awesome.


So anyway, here's Leslie's deck with all of the shrubs and stuff.  She also ordered an outdoor loveseat and coffee table and it arrived in a box weighing EIGHTY pounds.  I did not volunteer to get it up the steps, and Leslie eventually unpacked it all the way downstairs and carried it up piece by piece.  She knows the rules: If I show up in work out clothes, I'll carry whatever up those damn steps.  If I come in makeup and nice clothes? Sorry--not happening.

(For the record: Leslie did not pressure me to carry an 80lb box up to her fourth floor walk-up.  No.  My mom did.)

Not bad, right?

She has a lot of plants right now:

I honestly can't tell which animal this is.  I do know it's from West Elm.

Here's what we saw around the city that day:


The fountain in the middle of Rittenhouse is the exact dimensions I want for my own pool. This is happening.  Also, I will add a turquoise mosaic with a fountain face in it for no other reason than because I can.  And because I like it.

Public garden near Quince Street

Quince Street--for some reason, I have never seen Quince Street before.  How is this possible? I'll circle back around here later.

I need to go here because getting a res at Talula's Table is not happening in this lifetime unless TT becomes weirdly and wildly unpopular in which case I prob won't want to go anyway.  I will make it here, though, by my birthday.

Remember this? Washington Square in February.

Washington Square this week

The doors to the place where my mom used to work 30 years ago are behind me here.

Stopped for late brunch.  We took full advantage of the half-price cocktails.  My mom accidentally ordered this fizzy strawberry lemon thing and then panicked when she realized that didn't see the bloody Mary on the menu. So I took the fizzy thing and ordered my favorite white to go with it, mom and Leslie ordered bloody Marys, and then they both ordered another bloody Mary later.  My mom had two drinks in one sitting [insert sarcastically horrified emoji].  Seriously, this was a first.  Of course, I was the one who unwound the most and did the majority of the talking. Go me.  Oh and yeah, the food was awesome.

And remember this too?

This was my last outdoor shot of the day back in February.  I'm guessing it was around 4pm.

Here's 4pm in May.

Model of an 18th c. garden.  Haven't been here since college.  I have a picture of Ron in a red shirt underneath the pergola.

Why did I stop wearing bronzer again? Seriously what is WRONG with my body that I always look blue?  It's creeping me out lately.

Also, Mom: my camera takes pictures crooked. This is not your fault.

The light had shifted for the day.

When I look at this portrait, I see my marriage.  It's only a matter of time before I have a parrot and a monkey living in my house.

Clinton Street, I think? or Delancey?

Headhouse Square--hadn't been here since college either.

Park near Delancey Street


From L to R: Penny is watching Willow make the leap, and Pearl is the chubby one on the right knowing she can't do it.

Ok, look: if something in the depths of yourself doesn't look at this photo and twitch the slightest bit, then you are already dead.  Trust me on that.

My man.

You gotta love a gingko tree ... even if they do make the streets smell like vomit.  Come on, this is pretty.

Yarn shop on Pine.

So here we are at Quince and Irving Street again.  I have never been in this neighborhood before and I don't know how I missed it.  A long time ago, I really thought that I would spend a few years living in a city. First, it was Georgetown. Then, it was Society Hill (although Quince isn't technically in Society Hill, but same idea), and then it was Trastevere.  I just took the whole idea for granted: Of course it would happen.  But it didn't.  Maybe in my next go round.

I like that they drew the awning lights on the chalkboard.

And that's it.  It was the best day I'd had maybe since Valentine's Day.  I'll be going back this weekend because I have Leslie's place all to myself--WAHOO!


Jess said...

Love all the pictures! It's funny how similar Leslie's decorating taste is to yours. You can tell you're sisters :)

Laurie said...

Looks like a fun day! You'll have to teach me "how to do Philly" one day :) And I definitely agree with Jess!!

Linda C said...

Oh PLEASE, dear child! I didn't make you carry Leslie's 80 LB box up four flights... I merely thought the three of us could easily move the box. However, the box was too big to get a good grip on it and we all agreed the best method was a piece-by-piece method. Best Mother's day ever - filled with lots of laughter, delicious brunch, and a beautiful walk through the city. Thank you to the best daughters on Earth.

Steph said...

Great pictures… looks like a great day! Thanks for curing my withdraw! :)