Monday, March 3, 2014

Thank you Cristin and Susan! (and Lauren!)

You probably remember that back in November I did a family photograph for Cristin and Susan's family.  (Maybe you don't remember, which is fine.)  As a thank-you (totally unnecessary), they gave me a gift card to Terrain which I hid away and hoarded until recently.  Two weekends ago, I finally decided to part with it--here's what I picked out:

A few years ago, my mom gave me a gorgeous button fern for my birthday. Two weeks ago, I was pretty certain that I had accidentally killed it because I let it get too dry.  Devastating.  So I picked out a new button fern (albeit, half the size of my old one), a huge airplant, and a little carrot dish since Easter is coming.  I actually bought one other thing, but it's for Leslie's birthday (at the end of this week) so I can't show it here.  Meanwhile, my old button fern might be on the rebound--it didn't die, but I think it may have been pretty traumatized.

Button ferns are so much easier to care for than a maidenhair fern (my absolute favorite).

I bought these hedgehog measuring cups at Anthropologie's post-Christmas clearance sale with the intent of potting them up with succulents.

The largest one turned out to be the perfect home for my new airplant!  Is this the cutest thing ever??

Thanks to Cristin and Susan for their generous (and totally unnecessary) gift--it's always nice to bring home extra green during these awful winter weeks : )

And hey, while I'm thanking my friends for their generosity, thank you also to Lauren and Kane for the gift card they gave me back in September--I picked out a gorgeous cashmere sweater that matches pretty much everything I own:

Note to self: use a wooden hanger next time

I will never get tired of blush-beige. Never never never.

So thank you all for the free money so I could buy myself all of this nice stuff.  And in all seriousness to my friends, please know that you owe me NOTHING for the photos I take for you--I wish had more opportunities to do this kind of work for you because it's the only work I really do that actually matters to me.  It's generous enough that you trust me with your moments.  I'm not sure I can explain it.

And just for those people (ie, me) who have lost all hope that winter will end at any point:

My bay standard grew nearly four inches last week for no other reason than because the days are getting longer--you may not feel the difference, but it's definitely happening.


Cristin Kane said...
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Cristin Kane said...

You're welcome! Love your purchase too!