Friday, March 14, 2014

Random March Stuff

Leslie has her own hedgie--the airplant should bloom soon.
... especially because she doesn't have a Fluff to knock it over when she's not looking.

Do you have the Waterlogue app?
I've worked in this building for seven years, and I've never been on the top floor. Ever.  The psych department is up there, and they have the cutest little reading nook ever.  The heat there was turned up way too high, but whatever. Also, WHAT is psycho obstetrics?????

Who paints stuff and then just leaves it behind?

They even have a ceramics studio. (Not the psych department, but the building.)  I had no idea you could take ceramics at my school.  The classroom was shockingly clean--I remember our middle school art classroom being coated in terracotta during the clay assignments.  Also, clay smells the same whether you're twelve or thirty.

Earlier in the week, I had no cash on me which was no good since I had to go downtown the next day (and that requires cash).  So I stopped by the ATM and thought, "Oh, $50 is fine."  And THEN I stupidly went to the Women's Exchange next door (ie, consignment shop) and spent forty of those dollars in less than ten minutes.  I still don't know how I did it.  (Well ... yes I do.)  And then I had to walk back to the ATM and take out another $50 because $10 isn't enough to buy a train ticket.  So grown up. Anyway, I found this footed dish ...

... a sterling and labradorite bracelet. I'm obsessed with labradorite, but it's typically not in the realm of easily affordable.  This was $35.  Who's crazy now??? HELLLOOOO????!!!

Not pictured is the $3 Blessed Mother statue I bought (because I need more of those).  I did not buy the bracelet on the left on this particular outing--that's from Verde in Philly.

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