Friday, March 14, 2014

Leslie's birthday

c. 2006

Leslie came home for her birthday last weekend.  We did dinner at our house--Ron made pizza and I baked a chocolate cake with strawberry frosting.

It's Ina's chocolate cake and Leslie's friend's (Amelia) strawberry cream cheese frosting.

The frosting is completely insane. I could consume it nonstop with a shovel until I died.

I bought Leslie the draws for her family room desk since she recently bought a bunch of craft stuff when she did Valentines--so she can store that or anything she wants in the drawers.  And she can always spray paint it later if she gets tired of the colors.  I bought her a bunch of markers and a 96 count box of crayons ...

... to go with the Secret Garden coloring book I bought for her at Terrain. (I alluded to it here, but didn't want to mention it.)  I didn't think to take a picture of the images inside--they're pretty intricate.  Even just in black and white, they would make great wall art.  Leslie's job is 100% left brained, so she's been dying for some right brained activities.

Crayons are in the big wrapped box and earrings in the small boxes.

All of the earrings are from TJ Maxx.

The pointy studs have sparkles around them.

And last but not least, she gets a hedgie of her own.  I'm hoping the air plant's bloom is a bright pinky-purple.

I still have no idea why Pearl wasn't in the birthday spirit.

Come on, Pearl.

Penny was in a good mood--like a stuffed animal come to life.

My mom put together a ginormous basket of craft stuff for Leslie--stamps, ink, tag and paper punches, decorative paper, twine ... the works.

Leslie went home with a bunch of plants--my mom found the succulents at the CVS for next to nothing. I went the next day and bought the same ones because I was jealous.

My mom made the button out of a wine cork--another reason not to throw away your wine corks ...

She made out like a bandit--Happy Birthday, Leslie!!!

Leslie and Bamboo, April 1992--Leslie had just turned four.  Bamboo had not run away from her for a change, and she wanted me to take their picture together.  Clearly, I was being impatient because Leslie was still fixing her hair and I just snapped it anyway (probably because I knew Bamboo was going to bolt at any second).  Mom, do you still have blue ripple?  Also, Leslie looks a lot like Mimi doesn't she?  But we didn't see it then.


Amy G said...

You all give such beautifully displayed gifts! Where are where is that adorable little Hedgie from!? Maya and I would love that!

Jo Harper said...

The hedgie measuring cups are Anthropologie--I bought them on clearance a few months ago after Christmas. Keep your eyes open at places like Anthro, Pier 1, Target, etc--everybody rips off Anthro all the time and you might find something else for a good price.

Linda C said...

Of course I still have the blue ripple crocheted afghan! Nani made that for me (your great grandmother)and as you know, they never wear out no matter how many times you wash them. It looks as nice as the day she gave it to me and was used constantly this past winter.