Monday, March 31, 2014

100 happy days #3, 4, 5, & 6

I've seen every episode of Seinfeld maybe ... twenty times, including the episode where Elaine rants about how bad The English Patient is, and WHY do people LIKE it so much, it's SO AWFUL and it's SO LOOOONG, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, and Mr. Peterman is so horrified about how uncultured Elaine is because she "doesn't get it" that he makes her sit through it with him.  I was in seventh grade when The English Patient came out, and I had no real desire to see it.  So last Friday I thought, Why not? Ron's at work. I have nothing to do.  Let's see if it's any good!  Well, it's not.  I really don't get how/why it won best picture that year. #teambenes

Saw this guy peering out at me on Church Street next to 2nd Reading.

I broke this drawer when I was five or six, and my mom finally got around to fixing it (ie, asking Ron to fix it).  Willow immediately put the free space to work.

Found this gorgeous crochet cap sleeve T over the weekend at a consignment store ... $10. You can't buy the yarn for that price.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Julie's baby shower

I have two expectant friends right now: Julie's expecting her first baby in April (Steph follows six weeks later with Baby O).  Julie and Matt announced in early January that they would be having a girl, so I got to work on (what else?) a new blanket.

Even though Julie had told me the nursery was pink, I went with white yarn and used the same pattern that I used for Laurie, Mandy, and Dina (Steph and Lauren, I thought you have this one ... you don't--you have a granny square); however, I did a shell border rather than the reverse single crochet.

I know I should be impartial ... this is my most favorite one ever.  EVER.  I want to triple it in size and make one for myself.

Half way through I realized the V-pattern was perfect: the baby's monogram will be (first-middle-last) VLV for Vienna Lyn ... what better than a whole blanket of Vs? Totally unintentional.

The flower tags are by the Rifle Paper Company.
Please tell me you know Strega Nona?

I love the pictures.

The cup and plate were at Target for Valentine's Day ... of course if I see a kitty item for a baby, I buy it.
The jute bag is from TJMaxx.

Julie's mom hosted the shower--love that restored 1920s chandelier ...

At a glance, she doesn't even look like she's due next month.

Congrats, Julie ... only three weeks (2.5 weeks?) left ...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

100 happy days #2

Today, I went to Target to buy bathing suits because my current ones need to be retired after three seasons.  After buying the bathing suits, I bought myself a cake at Wegman's.  I didn't realize what I had done until it was too late. Oh well!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

100 happy days challenge: #1

If you read A Beautiful Mess, then you already know about the 100 Happy Days Challenge.  (You can read about it here.)  Back in the day (ie, college) I kept a "gratitude journal" because Oprah said that I should, and while it only lasted two years I reaped the true benefits of being diligent all those months: If you're really serious about it for a long time, then you naturally go through your day looking for things to write down at the end of the day.  It changes your whole perspective on everything.  Additionally, I would find myself writing down 12, 15, even 20 things that made me grateful that day--it was just so easy.  (I wish the same result had happened after I gave up sugar--in all forms--for Lent 2004.  I was REALLY good at it, but then I binged on Easter Sunday and the spell was broken and I never looked back. Oh well.)  Anyway, happily I can say that I still look for good stuff all day even though I no longer write them down ... although that being said, I have three journals: this one, this one, and this one (oh yeah ... and THIS ONE). Many times, I guess the stuff I look for gets written down anyway.

So in this new challenge, the point is to take a picture of one thing a day that makes you happy--very plain and simple.

Here's Day 1:

Accidentally drew a nearly perfect circle on the board tonight while covering Aristotle.  Students insisted on a photo ... why not?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Random February stuff (that I never posted ...)

Yeah, like I said last time ... this semester has been insane.  The more I think about this, the more I can't figure it out because this is not the worst semester ever and yet I'm constantly running out of time on EVERYTHING.  It's really annoying.

So here's stuff from six weeks ago, like anyone cares:

All this symmetry is a little weird ...
I really want this bag, but I bet it's long gone at this point.  Also, what I really need are bathing suits because mine are beat.

yup, red suede shoes with glittery toes.  $10.  Yes, you read that right.

They were one size too big.  Alas.  (Also, I'm beginning to think I already posted this on the blog?  I don't remember.)
um, ok, so get this: I work at a school with a lot of obsolete technology (ie, chalkboards. I mean, seriously?). But this takes the cake: It's a mini incinerator in a random women's bathroom on campus.  Duh, I don't need to explain to you what used to get incinerated in here, but can you believe that they used to provide an INCINERATOR for this???  Can you say, "lawsuit?"  All you need is one dumbass to burn themselves and the whole place just goes to hell, you know?  I don't know why I'm so fascinated by this, but I am.  Also, I had to run this by The Engineer to figure out how it worked--my guess was that you tossed your trash inside and it fell down a chute to the REAL incinerator.  But Ron was like, "No ... there's an incinerator RIGHT THERE.  Read the instructions."  See what I mean? Lawsuit. Not even the professors would've used it right.
My mom found this at Home Goods ... NO she did not buy it.  But, there were a lot of jokes about buying it for Pearl and *oops* oh well, this will only hold 10lbs of weight and Pearl is 60% too large for it ... oh well!  Jokes like that.

The iPod my mom gave me for my 20th birthday officially stopped reacting to me frantically pushing the home button.

I forget if this was Prada or Pucci, but who cares? It's gorgeous, it's Italian, and I want it.

Base of a statue at school (not in the same building that has the incinerator).

Well, somebody has made their existential peace with their mortality. Good for them. [insert eye roll]

I thought the blooms on this guy were so cool until I realized that they were crawling with mites.  You know some poor sucker who didn't know any better bought it, too.

I need to figure out how to make my fiddle leaf fig grow more like this rather than doing what it's doing right now ... I have a sad suspicion that this will involve lopping off a lot of last year's growth.

Fluffed and puffed. And too big for that pet carrier.

This caused quite a stir on Instagram last month--it's a giant Rice Krispi treat Leslie bought for me at DiBruno Bros., and according to Ron it has a 2:1 marshmallow to cereal ratio.   Yes, it was as good as it looked.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Longwood, last week of winter

My schedule has been kicking my butt lately, hence the lack of activity here on the blog.  Of course everything should change once finals are over, but until then I just run around like a crazy person trying to fulfill the overwhelming amount of obligations that keep stacking up on my calendar.  Luckily, most of them are good obligations but all of them are time-consuming.  Some days I enjoy all the busy-ness and other days I just want to rip my hair out because ten things appear in the place of every one thing I cross off my list.  I realize there is nothing special about these problems, but that's why I've been posting barely once a week.

I'm trying to put together a post (or a series of posts) about houseplants since I have a lot of them and many of my friends have been asking how I keep them alive rather than kill them. That's in the works and in past semesters it would've been done with ease, but I seriously have no idea how long that's going to take.

So anyway, I can offer this:

This was actually blue, but my camera consistently picks up this color as purple.  So annoying.

Black bamboo

Nectarine espalier

Variegated nasturtium

I think this was a kumquat tree.

The biggest birds nest fern I've ever seen.

DuPont House


When the witch hazels bloom ...

... winter should be over ... who knows at this point.