Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Olympic flashback

Whenever the Olympics start up, I always find myself thinking, "This isn't possible ... weren't these just on two weeks ago?"  Nope--try four years ago ... two years at best, and those are the opposite games.  (I still think Beijing were the last summer games before realizing, "Oh, we've had the London games since then? But wait, how is that possible? Beijing was last year, wasn't it?")

Watching Bode Miller last night, I was trying to calculate how many times I've seen him in the Olympics (a lot) and then one thing in my head led to another and I found myself going through all of my old pictures to remember what I was doing with my life during the Vancouver (2010) and Torino (2006) games.

In February 2006, my current camera was only two months old--digital SLR photography was still a bizarre concept to me.  No film?? I can see the photo right after I take it? and delete it if I don't like it? This is ridiculous!  I had just started my second semester of grad school, and it was just beginning to dawn on me that I was in waaaaaaay over my head and had already started contemplating dropping out.  The first weekend of the Olympics, it was snowy in our neighborhood (I still lived at home) and my mom wanted to try this quick recipe that makes little cinnamon roses out of some kind of Pillsbury stuff in a can.  We made pale pink frosting and drizzled it over the top, and when we had finished the outdoors had changed color to match:

They were really good. Leslie was a senior in high school at the time, but she wasn't around on this particular Sunday.

No editing here.  What's really is sad is that I remember the crushing anxiety I felt while taking these out of my mom's kitchen window.  I was really good at keeping up with my work at school, but the more work I did, the dumber I felt.  I just felt like this huge, big, fat fraud and didn't get how I was going to make it through May.  See that tree in the foreground? When that dogwood blossomed three months later in May, I had finished my third of three term papers and I knew that I wouldn't be dropping out after all. But the psychological suffering that I endured that semester still makes my stomach shake.  And that's what I remember when I look at this gorgeous pink landscape.

No editing here, either.

Leslie, I have no idea why I have a picture of a Valentine on your butt, but I do.

I did some more digging and found my life during the second weekend of the Olympics that year--as usual, it crossed over with my aunt's birthday which is always celebrated at my grandmother's:

Leslie and Elsie (she was named for Leslie = L C = Elsie ... get it?).  Poor Elsie--she's long gone.

Lu admonishing Elsie, probably for no reason.  You could switch out the main players here for me and Penny and the photo would essentially be the same.

Leslie was a month away from turning 18--she probably didn't even know where she was going to college yet.

Naturally I began thinking, "What was I doing in February during the 2010 games?"  More digging--more snow.  Lots of snow:

I had already been married over a year, had acquired two Fluffs of my own, and was about halfway through the dissertation that I didn't think I would be able to write in 2006:

Oh God, the snow.  Strangle me. Now.

I crocheted a storm in front of the Vancouver games, including this scarf (and the green one you have, Jess).  (I'm not ashamed to admit that I spent a lot of time flipping back and forth between the Vancouver games and Jersey Shore, but that's not important.) I actually learned how to crochet at my grandmother's house while watching the Albertville games in third grade--my parents had an out of town wedding, and Leslie and I spent that weekend at Lu's. Omigod, I was SO OBSESSED with Kristi Yamaguchi that it wasn't even funny.  Somehow, my parents resisted having me committed.  I also remember watching Camelot and E. T. that weekend and strongly disliking both of them.  (I still don't get E. T.)  And finally, I remember concluding, "I really stink at crochet," and then I didn't do it for another fourteen years.  While I had a camera during the Albertville games, I did not have money for film thus no pictures.

In 2010, the snow really messed up everything in my life (ie, school) during Valentine week.  (I already posted about this here.)  We did Valentine's day a few days early on a random Tuesday night at Simon Pearce--we had the whole place to ourselves:

That Vixen nail polish is still my fave.

It snowed, like, two feet that night on top of the, I don't know? ten feet? of snow that we already had:

And somewhere in the midst of all of this, we visited Leslie in college in Pittsburgh.  We drove to see her on a Friday, drove home that Sunday, walked in the door around 5pm, and Ron slept on the couch while I watched downhill skiing while folding laundry. (I already posted about this here.)

All of those people have had four birthdays since I snapped this.
I guess some things never change.

It was shockingly warm that weekend. I mean, it had to be at least 40.

So, we'll see what I snap during the 2014 games. One thing is for sure: There will be snow ...

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