Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines for 2014

A year or two ago, my friend Laurie sent me this pattern for a crochet heart garland.  I set it aside and last month pulled it from the binder and to get to work on some Valentines.

First, I needed to find the right color of yarn. I didn't know for sure if I wanted to do pink or red, but after walking up and down the yarn aisle at Michael's I knew that pink wouldn't work.  All of the hot pinks were super bright and kinda gross; the pale pinks were way too baby-baby; and the medium pinks were this 90s "country" dusty-rose color that seemed tired and old.  I started to panic when I began to realize that the reds were no better. Most of them were too orange or too primary.  I began to think, "Maybe I'll do something other than pink or red?" but that didn't feel appealing.  After awhile, I realized that this is the same frustration I feel when I want a very specific shade of lipstick or nail polish, but this one is too shimmery, and that one's too sheer, and that one has glitter and no one has fun scraping chipped glitter polish off of their pathetic nails ... etc.  For the yarn, I knew I wanted a bright coral-red with only the slightest hint of orange.  Miracle of miracles, I actually found it: Loops & Threads Impeccable in Rouge.  It was hidden in the bottom row of that mess of a yarn aisle, but as soon as I saw it (and saw the name! Rouge! It's French? I'm sold!) I knew that was it.  Yarn in the perfect lipstick red.

Here they are:

I thought about hot gluing a bar pin to the back, but I did that two years ago so I went with a loop so it can be used as an ornament instead.  I guess you could always glue a pin to the back later--I might do that for mine.

I have a tag puncher at home, so I bought this gorgeous coral glitter paper for tags.  It's hard to see the glitter in the pictures.  Later, I was sorry I didn't use some washi tape (on the envelopes here) on the flip side of the tag.

I knew the envelopes would have to be taped shut anyway, so each one has regular old tape and then the decorative tape went on top.

Here's where I got screwed in terms of cost per Valentine: the postage!  While the skein of yarn was $4 for 30+ hearts, I nearly fell over when the postal employee lady measured a finished Valentine and said, "They'll be a $1.40 a piece."  I had already bought two books of heart stamps (which will get used up regardless), so I bought a book of $1 stamps to go with them.  Initially I was really annoyed not because of the cost but because the stamps wouldn't match.  When I looked at them closer at home, I started to laugh: The $1 stamps have "Wisdom" on them. In Greek, "philosophy" means "the love of wisdom."  So I guess it works for me.

I just mailed all of them Tuesday morning, but with the blizzard today who knows when people will actually receive them. And some people will get theirs in person because those dollar stamps had to be saved for people who live in places like North Carolina, Phoenixville, and King of Prussia (ie, places I knew I would not be passing through before Friday).

buona festa di san valentino!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Valentine heart! It IS the perfect shade of red! Ours is decorating the bedroom door is too pretty not to display year-round :) <3 Sarah S.