Thursday, February 20, 2014

Is February over yet? It's not? Are you sure? Really?

I left for school the other day and the bloom was still closed--three hours later, she had opened up.

The second one will be open by tomorrow morning.

Stretch those leggies ...

Penny figured out that she could walk on top of the three feet of snow on the deck.  Apparently this is easier than sitting inside and crying about its existence.

I put away anything remotely reminiscent of winter or Valentine's Day--I'm officially D-O-N-E with winter.  DONE.

I potted this up with succulents later in the day--need to rephotograph that.

I just repotted that guy on the left--I should probably retake this picture too since it looks so much better now.

I put away the snowflake garland and all the little bottle brush trees.  Sick of it all.

Recently, my mother-in-law gave me this gorgeous and extremely intricate afghan--her mother-in-law (Ron's grandmother) made it along with another one ... I had pictures of the other one, but I must have deleted them by mistake.  Anyway, Joanne knows that nobody in the family loves this stuff more than me, and she gave me one of the two.  It's shockingly heavy--it could easily cover you head to toe in bed.  The pattern is a star interspersed with a popcorn stitch.

Right now, it's in my family room (on the chair next to that green desk, above).  It's extremely delicate despite its heft, and I'm scared to death of ruining it by mistake.  I can't just put it anywhere because I don't want the Fluffs sleeping on it--it's not like I can just toss it in the washer to remove the fur, and I like to avoid dry cleaning as much as possible.  Granted I wash and (air) dry all of my silk and cashmere clothing here at home, but no way am I putting this in washer for no other reason than it would tangle all those fringe tassels into a horrendous knot.

Thank you, Joanne!

Yes, this one gets washed and dried pretty frequently (the afghan, not the Fluff).  Pearl gets so upset when the afghan disappears down the basement.  She sits on the bare leather couch and tries to bore a hole through my forehead with her eyes until I put it back.  Does that remind you of a little girl you once knew, Mom?  I guess two little girls ...?

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Laurie said...

beautiful orchid photos!! The fluffs aren't too bad either ;)