Wednesday, January 15, 2014


What do you want from me?

It's January.

Nothing is happening right now.

Ok, yeah, I'm creating all kinds of syllabi for classes I'm dreading.  But other than that?  Nothing.

See ya later.


Laurie said...

I feel the same way - BLAH. Let's do coffee.

Linda C said...

At least you are out and about capturing the beauty of the trees in winter. I think there is something to be said for NOTHING after weeks and weeks of DOING everything. It allows your brain to calm down and be open to new things. Having said that, I can't wait until March arrives with its promise of warmth, blooms and more daylight.

Jo Harper said...

Yeah ... these photos are from the first week of December--finals week on campus. I haven't even used my camera this month. Desperately grabbing from last month's unused photos ... And yes, grateful for quiettime--this is a crochet time of year.